New RAT Book! (2009)

If you’ve arrived at this blog looking for news of the new Stainless Steel Rat book by Harry Harrison, you can find the original announcement here:

And the first three chapters have been posted on this blog beginning 13th July 2009:

For other posts on the series, select Stainless Steel Rat in the Categories drop-down menu on the right hand side.

April 2009 update: Harry Harrison has completed the first draft of the new novel. Latest reports are that the Russian edition will be the first world edition – was was the case with The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus – which will hopefully be published in December 2009. The Tor edition should follow early in the new year. No news yet of a UK edition or other editions.

12th June 2009 Update: Good news this week is that I had an e-mail from Harry to say that the new Stainless Steel Rat novel has been completed and submitted to the US publisher, Tor, and – I think – to the Russian publisher.

As previously posted, the Russian edition will be the first world edition. Still no news on an English publisher…

July 2009 update: Tor in the USA have scheduled publication of The Stainless Steel Rat Returns! for early summer 2010. No news yet on dates for other editions. The Russian edition is expected to be the first world edition, published in late 2009. In the meantime, the first three chapters have been posted on this blog – see link above.

August 2010 Update: The book has now been published in Russia and the USA, and will be published in a UK edition from Gollancz in about a year from now…


8 Responses to “New RAT Book! (2009)”

  1. David White Says:

    Why are Amazon selling The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus paperbacks for $600? yes six hundred dollars!

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      These are tough times for booksellers, so they have to make their money any way they can… 🙂

      Of course the book is excellent and well worth $600 of anyone’s money…

      • Steve Says:

        Six hundred for the paperback version???

        I wonder what my hardcover version would go for… assuming I would ever part with it (won’t happen). Unfortunately, the Stainless Steel Rat paperback is falling apart (*sigh*). I’m not looking forward to how much that’s going to cost me to replace it.

  2. John Says:

    I look forward to a new novel – I’ve enjoyed Mr. Harrison’s works for many years now.

    As to pricing, that is determined by any vendor, and when you see an item at that level, it is rarely actually sold by themselves, but rather someone else via Amazon.

    I’ve found this to be the case for numerous out of print books, rare editions, etc. Some diligent searching around may turn up better prices. C.f. also for potential sources.

  3. John Novotny Says:

    Can’t wait! Thanks Harry!

  4. T3 Says:

    We’ll got this book soon:

  5. Says:

    well mr.harrison write more stainles steel rat adventures ? or that is

  6. Bolrog Says:

    Halfway through my reading of “The Stainless Steel Rat Returns”. It was well worth the wait and is as enjoyable as the rest of the series. His Eden series is still a monumental work that has yet to see an equal. Viva Digriz forever!!!

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