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Soylent Green Producer Dies

12 April, 2011

Hollywood producer and press agent Walter Seltzer died on the 18th February 2011, aged 96. He collaborated with actor Charlton Heston on a number of films, including the adaptation of Harry Harrison’s book Make Room! Make Room! which became Soylent Green. The obituary published in The Guardian newspaper for 6th April 2011 quotes Seltzer as saying that both he and Heston agreed that “the greatest social problem of our time was over-population. We became a little obsessed with the idea.”


Harry Harrison Podcast (Part 5 – Soylent Green)

8 August, 2009

The fifth part of the interview, recorded at the 2001 Octocon SF convention, has Harry Harrison speaking about the Charlton Heston movie which was based on the novel Make Room! Make Room!

This is the penultimate part of the interview, it runs for around 9 minutes and is an 8.7Mb download.

05 – Soylent Green

Why is the Sky Green?

8 January, 2008

Lynn Vincentnathan e-mailed Harry at the website to say that Soylent Green had been mentioned on the RealClimate: Climate Science from Climate Scientists blog.  See the 29th December comment from David R Hickey, and response from Mike, who I think is Dr. Michael E. Mann of the Penn State University.  Mike says in part: “I often tell folks that if they want a glimpse of a possible worst-case 2100ish century world, ‘Soylent Green’ may be their best bet.”

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