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The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Kindled

17 October, 2011

Aeon McNulty e-mailed to say ‘Why haven’t you told people about Harry’s books being released for Kindle?’ The answer to that is: Ignorance. On my part. I didn’t know they’d been released.

So the good news is that a whole heap of HH titles have been issued by Gateway (Gollancz/Orion):

A Stainless Steel Rat is Born
The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted
The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You!
The Stainless Steel Rat For President

The Men from P.I.G and R.O.B.O.T
The Technicolor Time Machine
Queen Victoria’s Revenge
Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers
Tunnel Through the Deeps (A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!)
Captive Universe
Planet of the Damned
A Rebel in Time

West of Eden

Stars & Stripes Forvever
Stars & Stripes in Peril

Deathworld 2
Deathworld 3


Presumably there are more to come — they wouldn’t release incomplete trilogies, would they?

More good news is that the prices are pretty good: £2.99 and £4.99 in the UK, $4.74 and $7.93 in the US.

The bad news is that first reviews of some of the titles indicate that Gateway have done a bit of a half-arsed job of preparing the texts for the e-versions. One reviewer has said the title he looked at seemed to have been OCR’d and not corrected, so there are all kinds of odd characters and errors littering the pages. I haven’t looked at any of these myself yet, but it would be a shame if Gateway haven’t taken time to do the job properly. I’ve OCR’d a lot of stuff in the past — including all of HH’s short stories — and the files need a certain amount of tidying up before they’re ready for consumption, but a half-way decent copy-editor can do it pretty quickly.

I’m off to dowload the Kindle version of West of Eden now to check it out…

PS: Anyone who leaves a comment on this post pointing out that there’s a typo in it will receive a poke in the eye by e-mail…  ; )

Hurrah! A Transatlantic Tunnel Reprint

27 October, 2010

Tor Books in the USA have announced a new paperback edition of A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! for publication 4th January 2011. It’s already listed on Amazon, with the following cover image, which looks to have been pasted together from Victorian clipart.

Art: ?

A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! is one of my favourite HH books — great fun for anyone who had to read the Victorian classics in Eng. Lit. courses at school. The book is also one of the earliest ‘steampunk’ novels — written way before the term was invented — and is a great alternate history story too.

Book News Update

25 October, 2010

If this is a news blog, I really ought to get better at posting items in a timely fashion. Don’t hold your breath… 😉

Here’s a quick mention of three (fairly) recent book publications — a couple of which have been mentioned before, but which are now available to buy. The first is published in the UK, but should be available from Amazon sites in most countries – and if it isn’t, you can use your Amazon log on to buy from The other two are US publications — they’re listed on Amazon UK as well.

Stainless Steel Rat comic omnibus cover
Cover Art: Carlos Ezquerra

The Stainless Steel Rat, script by Kelvin Gosnell and art by Carlos Ezquerra, was published by 2000 AD / Rebellio in July 2010. This reprints the comic adaptations of three Rat novels – The Stainless Steel Rat, The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World, and The Stainless Steel Rat for President. These are reproduced in black and white from the artwork as it originally appeared in the weekly 2000 AD comic. At 26 x 19cm (10 x 8″) the page size is smaller than the original comics, but doesn’t really suffer as a result, and doesn’t suffer from having been ‘invisibly mended’ and colorised, as the Eagle Comics versions were in the USA.


If I have one tiny criticism it is that the paper quality could have been slightly better – though, of course, it’s a million times better than the newsprint paper of the old 2000 AD.


Many of us in the UK grew up reading these weekly instalments, and Ezquerra’s artwork captures the quirkiness of Harry Harrison’s characters and situations perfectly. A must-have volume for all Rat fans. Buy it, and then write to 2000 AD and ask them to adapt more of the stories…


Nebula Awards Showcase 2010, edited by Bill Fawcett, was published by ROC/Penguin in April 2010. This volume contains material relating to the 2009 Nebulas, and also includes Harry Harrison’s award of Grand Master. Harrison’s short story ‘The Streets of Ashkelon’ is included in the volume, and their is the very brief ‘An Appreciation of the Grand Master: Harry Harrison’ by Tom Doherty.

Nebula Awards 2010


There is the award-winning fiction, of course, plus seven essays – each a retrospective on a decade of science fiction, from the 1930s through the 1990s.

And the acceptance speech of Ray Bradbury Award-winner Joss Whedon, whoever he is… 🙂



Gateways, edited by Elizabeth Anne Hull, was published by Tor in July 2010, and is described as ‘a feast of great new science fiction honoring grand master Frederik Pohl.’

Harry Harrison’s contributions to the book include fiction titled ‘The Stainless Steel Rat and the Pernicious Porcuswine,’ being the first three chapters of The Stainless Steel Rat Returns; he also wrote a four-page piece called ‘Knowing Fred,’ detailing the various times that his and Fred Pohl’s paths have crossed since their first meeting at the Hydra Club.

Rats, Rats and More Rats!

13 July, 2010

A quick update on recent and forthcoming publications of Stainless Steel Rat related items…

The new Rat novel, The Stainless Steel Rat Returns will now be published on 3rd August, so not long to wait for English readers. Russian readers had the first world edition in May.

Amazon now have a cover image for the new book, which shows a tasteful (?) Rat cocktail:

Stainless Steel Rat Returns cover

The Stainlesss Steel Rat Returns. Cover art: ?

Also listed on Amazon (both the UK and US sites) are unabridged audiobook versions of all of the Rat books. These are being released by Brilliance Audio, and read by Phil Gigante. The Stainless Steel Rat Returns audiobook will be released at the same time as the hardback, on 7 CDs and running for eight hours! More details here. You can hear a sample – in .mp3 format – by clicking on the link on the site. Other titles are being released during the rest of this year and into next year.

I mentioned previously that the Stainless Steel Rat comics are being republished in a single volume. They’re listed on the Amazon UK site as having been published this month. I haven’t seen a copy yet, but will post a review as soon as I get a copy.


29 March, 2010

According to and, the publication of The Stainless Steel Rat Returns has been put back to 3rd August 2010. And there’s still no cover artwork to share with you…

But my search of Amazon did turn up another Rat book — the UK publishers of 2000AD are bringing out an omnibus of their comic strip adaptations, featuring the incredible artwork of Carlos Ezquerra. Publication date is listed as 15th July 2010, and the page count is a massive 320 pages (assuming that’s not a typo), which means that it will contain The Stainless Steel Rat, The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World, and The Stainless Steel Rat for President. Hopefully this artwork will be in glorious black and white, as it – for the most part – originally appeared. Amazon seem to think the book is a reissue of the original novel judging by the reviews they’ve linked with it…

There is cover art too, though I suspect this may not be the final artwork.

Stainless Steel Rat 2000ad Comics Omnibus

Art: Carlos Ezquerra / 2000ad

And due out on the 6th May 2010 (or 6th April according to is Nebula Awards Showcase 2010, which actually relates to the 2009 awards, including Harry Harrison’s elevation to Grand Master status. The anthology includes a classic Harry Harrison short story, and – I believe – an appreciation of Harrison’s work.

New RAT Book – Bad News and Good News!

10 July, 2009

News from Tor, the publisher of the US edition of The Stainless Steel Rat Returns!,  is that the book will be published in ‘early Summer 2010’ — which is ages away, I know…

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the publisher has agreed that we can publish the first three chapters of the book here on the blog – and you’ll only have to wait until the beginning of next week for that… 🙂

Nebula Awards 2009 – Coverage Update

23 June, 2009

I said I’d keep an eye open for coverage of this year’s Nebula Awards, at which ceremony Harry Harrison was presented with the Damon Knight SF Grandmaster award.

Scott Edelman has posted photographs on Flickr, including several featuring Harry Harrison. I couldn’t find any images of the ceremony itself. If you find any, please add a comment and a link.

The 2009 Nebula Awards Showcase edited by Ellen Datlow was published in May. I couldn’t find a listing of the contents anywhere online, but I believe this contains Harry Harrison’s short story ‘The Streets of Ashkelon’ and a piece about him. I’ll post more details when I see a copy — I just ordered it from Amazon.


I also understood that the SFWA were publishing an edition of their Bulletin to coincide with the awards, but their website is undergoing a revamp and there aren’t any details listed at this moment.

New UK Edition of Make Room! Make Room!

4 November, 2008

Penguin have announced a new edition of Make Room! Make Room!  in their ‘Modern Classics’ series.

It is listed with a publication date of 5th February 2009, price of £9.99, and ISBN 9780141190235. Amazon UK is currently taking pre-orders.

Cover Image

Cover Image

The publisher’s blurb for the book is as follows:

A gangster is murdered during a blistering Manhattan heat wave. City cop Andy Rusch is under pressure solve the crime and captivated by the victim’s beautiful girlfriend. But it is difficult to catch a killer, let alone get the girl, in crazy streets crammed full of people.

The planet’s population has exploded. The 35 million inhabitants of New York City run their TVs off pedal power, riot for water, loot and trample for lentil ‘steaks’ and are controlled by sinister barbed wire dropped from the sky. Written in 1966 and set in 1999, Make Room! Make Room! is a witty and unnerving story about stretching the earth’s resources, and the human spirit, to breaking point.

The first place I saw this listed included only the first paragraph of the blurb, and classed it as a ‘Crime & Mystery’ novel.

Frankenstein in Brighton

6 June, 2008

A specially rewritten version of Harry Harrison’s short story ‘At Last, the True Story of Frankenstein!’ has been published in a new anthology, The West Pier Gazette, and Other Stories, edited by Paul Brazier, and published by Three-Legged Fox.

Published on 28th March 2008, this is Quercus issue one, the first in a proposed series (two per year) of themed volumes which are published in a limited hardback edition for subscribers, and then a paperback edition for general release.

The Quercus-SF project also has a website – limited access to non-members, which is linked to the Send Me a Story website where, for a modest fee, you can submit a short story and receive feedback on it from a professional. Paul Brazier, the man behind Quercus, has previously been a reviewer for the BSFA magazaine Vector and was production editor on Interzone for ten years.

Some bits of the websites don’t seem to have been updated for a while, and it’s a little dificult to find your way around (it may be easier for subscribers), but you can see some of the contents of the The West Pier Gazette here, where there is also a paragraph describing the theme of the first issue:

“Each issue of Quercus-SF will have a theme. However, the idea is to stimulate writers, not to constrain them, so if they don’t write to the theme but still come up with a good story, they will be included in the Other Stories section.

“The theme this time is Brighton’s infamous West Pier. It opened in the late nineteenth century and was the place for elegant promenading for the first half of the twentieth. It was used as a set for many films including Oh, What A Lovely War and Brighton Rock but fell into disuse and decay and was closed to the public in 1974.”

Thanks to Paul Brazier for sending me a copy of the first edition of The West Pier Gazette, and Other Stories.

You can purchase – for a limited time – copies of the hardback first edition for £20 (plus £3 postage UK, £5 postage surface mail rest of the world) from the publisher’s website.


The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Reprinted

27 March, 2008

As previously mentioned, Gollancz are publishing an omnibus of the first three Stainless Steel Rat novels in the UK. Amazon are listing it as having a publication date of 20th November 2008. There’s also a cover image – see below.




If you click on Amazon’s ‘see larger image‘ link, you can see that the title and the Rat image seem to have a holographic foil effect.

Personally, I’m not sure about this cover design, but there’s time for a change before November — if that really is the publication date: there still doesn’t seem to be any mention of it on the Orion Group website.


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