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AbeBooks 50 Essential SF Books

16 January, 2013

Richard Davies has compiled a top fifty for the AbeBooks website — and of course there’s a Harry Harrison novel on the list. No prizes for guessing which HH novel he includes.

You can see the full list here.


Soylent Green Producer Dies

12 April, 2011

Hollywood producer and press agent Walter Seltzer died on the 18th February 2011, aged 96. He collaborated with actor Charlton Heston on a number of films, including the adaptation of Harry Harrison’s book Make Room! Make Room! which became Soylent Green. The obituary published in The Guardian newspaper for 6th April 2011 quotes Seltzer as saying that both he and Heston agreed that “the greatest social problem of our time was over-population. We became a little obsessed with the idea.”

Make Room for More Make Room…

18 June, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I posted the cover and some artwork from the Heyne (German) edition of Make Room! Make Room!  I thought the cover to that edition was pretty grim, but artist Giuseppe Festino outdid himself with this cover, again from a Heyne edition, this one from 1983.

For some reason it brought back all those ‘dead baby’ jokes from the 1980s…

Artwork (c) GiuseppeFestino / Heyne 1983

Artwork (c) GiuseppeFestino / Heyne 1983

 Here is a much more restrained cover from Dutch publisher Meulenhoff…

Artwork:? / Meulenhoff 1976

Artwork:? / Meulenhoff 1976

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