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Bill, the Galactic Hero Movie is Go!

22 April, 2013

Alex Cox’s Bill, the Galactic Hero project reached it’s funding target on Kickstarter on Sunday, which means that the movie will actually happen!

I know Alex Cox has wanted to adapt Bill for a looooong time, and was in regular contact with Harry Harrison over the years as he worked on bringing the story to the big screen.

I’m really looking forward to reading the screenplay – Alex has exactly the right sense of humour to handle the adaptation, so I’m sure it will be great.

If you’re not familiar with his work, check out the website which includes free downloads of some of Alex’s screenplays – including Repo Man, Sid and Nancy and his drafts of a Mars Attacks! screenplay – and his Moviedrome guides.*

If you need a further incentive, the site also has a link to Alex’s Bill, the Galactic Hero movie blog.


*In the late 1980s and early 90s Moviedrome was a late night slot on BBC tv which presented an eclectic collection of films, with introductions by Alex Cox. I remember watching on my little black and white portable tv and being entertained – and occasionally spooked – by those movies. There’s a list of the films shown here: and if you check on You Tube you can see some of Alex’s introductions.

Alex Cox Moviedrome

Alex Cox presenting BBC TV’s Moviedrome


Bill the Galactic Hero Movie – Deadline Sunday

19 April, 2013

Director Alex Cox reports that the Kickstarter project has reached its $100,000 funding target:

“Things look very good as we have passed our goal. But I would be remiss if I didn’t ask for yet another push! Some supporters may drop out at the eleventh hour; some credit cards will be maxed out and won’t deliver; you know the drill.”

The deadline for the project is 8:00pm EDT on Sunday 21st April — 62 hours to go as I write this. You can still pledge money and, as Alex says, be a part of filmmaking history. You’ll also become a part of HH history, as very few of Harry’s stories have (so far) been adapted into films of any kind.

You can read Alex’s latest update and pledge money on the Kickstarter website.


Bill, the Galactic Movie Kickstarter Update

8 April, 2013

Thirteen days left on the Kickstarter countdown. So far just over $72,000 has been raised towards the budget, so only $28,000 left to go.

It would be great to see a Bill, the Galactic Hero movie, and you can help make it happen by (a) pledging money, and (b) telling everyone you know to pledge money! Please spread the word.

Payments for Kickstarter projects are handled through Amazon Payments – you can use your Amazon .com or login to complete your transaction. Your money will only be taken if the project reaches 100% funding by Sunday 21st April 2013.

Great Rewards are on offer to those who help fund the project, check out the details on the Bill, the Galactic Hero  project page.

Artwork: Michael Gross

Artwork: Michael Gross

Bill, the Galactic Movie

22 March, 2013

Director Alex Cox’s plans for an adaptation of Bill, the Galactic Hero are moving on apace, and now you can help make the movie happen.

The aim is to raise a $100,000 budget via – find out more details and watch Alex’s video about the project here:

Pledge cash if you can – the deadline is 21st April 2013. Pledge $10 and you get to download the screenplay as a .pdf if the project goes ahead. Pledge more than $25 and you’ll get to download the movie as a .mov file once it is completed. Check out the Kickstarter page to see what rewards are on offer if you pledge even greater sums…

Alex Cox Directs Bill, the Galactic Hero

Alex Cox Directs Bill, the Galactic Hero

Harry Harrison Podcast (Part 4 – Bill the Galactic Hero)

6 August, 2009

Part four of the Harry Harrison interview, which was recorded ‘live’ at the Octocon Irish national SF convention in October 2001.

Continuing the more or less chronological survey of Harry’s first fifty years as a SF writer, this part focuses on his first major ‘non-Campbell’ novel, Bill, the Galactic Hero.

This runs for just over 7 minutes and is a 6.8Mb download.

04 – Bill the Galactic Hero

Bill, the Galactic Hero Artwork

3 July, 2009
Artwork: Michael Gross

Artwork: Michael Gross

I like this cover very much, even though it does give away an important plot point. It’s from the Equinox (USA) edition, published in 1975.

And I like the cover below too. When Harry said that Bill had two left arms, it never occurred to me that they could be on the same side of his body… 🙂

Artwork: McMalken

Artwork: McMalken

This is from the Avon edition published in 1979.

Bill, the Galactic Hero

15 March, 2009

Here are a couple of images, both of which I believe are Japanese covers for Bill, the Galactic Hero. Unfortunately I have no artists details, and only the tiny thumbnail here for the second image.

I think the first one is from the 1967 edition published by Hayakawa. The second one is later, but I’m not sure when it was actually published or who by.

The title of the Japanese version translates as ‘Space Soldier Blues’ or so I’m told…

Art: ?

Art: ?

Art: ?

Art: ?

Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers

19 February, 2009

I was browsing the Japanese version of the Amazon website yesterday – which is good fun if, like me, you don’t read Japanese! – and came across this cover image, which I thought was pretty good.

I’ve no idea who the artist is – add a comment if you’re able to identify the creator.

This makes me think that a manga or an anime version of a Harry Harrison story would be something worth seeing. Star Smashers, or Bill, or Planet Story, or… 🙂



And here’s a German edition of Bill, the Galactic Hero: The Final Incoherent Adventure – this one’s for adults only, obviously, so if you’re under 18 look away now…


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