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29 Responses to “Add a Comment”

  1. HawaiianBrian Says:

    Hi Paul
    Any news about this “Harry harrisn Reader” which is available through via kindle?
    All the best,

  2. Paul Tomlinson Says:

    Hi Brian –

    I’m not sure who actually put this ‘collection’ together, but it is basically all of the ‘public domain’ HH stories – the ones Gutenberg have made available on their site – put togther in a format that the Kindle e-book reader can load.

    As far as I know, the Kindle will load straight .txt files anyway, so you’d be better off getting them for free on the Gutenberg site… 🙂

    – Paul

  3. Sergey Says:

    спасибо за ваши книги!!!!!
    любим Вас, читаем…..

    [Babel Fish translates this as: “thanks for your books!!!!! we love you, we read …..” – PT]

  4. diGritz Says:

    I am an obvious fan of the SSR series and would love to see a movie.
    But who would play James? I am curious about who other fans of the rat would like to see play the role.
    I have given much thought to this when I first heard about a possible movie and believe only one person fits the role. Bruce Campbell

    Also thanks for the new rat book Harry!

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      Well, it would have to be someone who can do comedy, action, and a bit of proper acting… we know that Harry Harrison’s ideal choice was Steve McQueen, so would have to bear that in mind too…

      Of the current crop of actors I’d probably say Chris Evans of X-Men fame, maybe Josh Hartnett… Heath Ledger would have been a good choice, I think. Brad Pitt and Paul Walker are maybe too good-looking – we need someone with a little more edge. Colin Farrell? 🙂

      Oh, and let’s give our worst choice too – again bearing in mind that HH said somewhere that Richard Pryor had been considered at some point in the distant past! So let’s say no to Tom Hanks, Sly Stallone, Kevin Costner and Tom Cruise at this point. Vin Diesel has a great voice, but he’s not really how I see the Rat. Ben Affleck looked pretty good in Daredevil, but he’s not the Rat I see when I read the books.

      I’m sure there’s probably a great tv actor that would be perfect, but I can’t think who…

    • David White Says:

      Id love to see Angelina Jolie as you guessed it Angelina 🙂 Angelina diGris is portrayed as an incredibly inteligent, cunning, super sexy georgeous seductress who can switch from evil to sweet and back to evil in an instant, so Jolie is perfect for the role! I reckon you would need an actor who can play a bit of a lovable scallywag very well to be Slippery Jim, Matthew McConaughey woul be great except his looks are all wrong, but does that really matter? The aussie actor Eric Bana would be great at it as well and the looks are more appropriate. How about Antonio Banderas? The women really go for his looks. Same goes for Christian Bale? Im assuming that any rat movie would have Jim around this age group of course. If a young Jim then how about Hayden Christensen?

      • John Novotny Says:

        After seeing the Ocean’s series I would recommend George Clooney first, Brad Pitt second for the role of Jim. If you’re looking for a combination of suave humor there is no better choice than those two.

        Johnny Depp would be my third choice considering his past roles he has incredible range as an actor and could pull it off.

        Another possible choice, Robert Downey Jr. Bruce Campbell would have been a great choice 10 or 15 years ago.

        Dave great call on Angelina Jolie, I agree. Remember the great chemestry between Pitt and Jolie in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”?
        Milla Jovovich second choice.

        Hayden is a good choice for young Jim or the twins as is James McAvoy who starred in “Wanted” opposite Jolie. Chris Evans good pick too.

        Inskipp: John Rhys Davies, Bruce Campbell, Bruce Willis, William Shatner.

        Director? Peter Jackson perhaps or Sam Rami.

        Harry should get a cameo. I should get a bit part 😉

      • John Novotny Says:

        Revised picks for Angelina: Charlize Theron (Aeon Flux, Monster) Jolie, Jovovich.

    • David White Says:

      oh yeah John, great choice for Inskipp, I can really picture Bruce Willis in that dark office sitting behind the desk when Jim stumbles in. He is perfect! I was also thinking Pierce Brosnan would make an older Jim, he is so smooth!

  5. James Bolivar di Nephilim Says:

    As a Long time fan (1977- present) I could honestly say George Clooney would make a great Jimi Di Griz. Failing that, Gordon Ramsey, and last choice: Daniel Craig.

    My question/suggestion to this forum though…
    I’d LOVEEEE to see a “collection” book series made. All the Stainless Steel Rat books in one chunk for the uninitiated. I find myself buying what I can where I can from a dozen bookstores. Would be great to get the lot in one go…


    Love, respect and concussion grenades.

  6. Valeria Says:

    Sorry, offtopic
    Just found on the web.Self-heating food from your books is a reality now.

    I thought about such thing when read your book, byt I thought about using H and F elements of periodic system for heating , so it was an idea of a self-damaging and poisonous but not a self-heating food.

  7. Steve Says:

    (*sigh*) At the time, McQueen was the perfect choice because Steve had a distinct element that gave him an edge to be able to seem both youthful and aged. Remember when we were first introduced to this particular characer, he was, in fact, a chameleon who could be an overweight stockbroker suffering a mid-life crisis and remake himself into a fitness-minded race car driver. It’s the Steve McQueen/James Dean infusion.

    I grew up with the SSR books from a very early age (I’m not going to say how old I am, only that I fit into the parameters of diGriz’ age in the first published story part in [Analog, was it?]). I felt the comics painted diGriz far older than he really was.

    Heath Ledger definitely could have pulled it off, but not Colin Farrel (no disrespect intended). There are distinct elements that make up the core of diGriz’ personality. I don’t know of a current actor who could capture the whole of the character, which leads me to suspect it would inevitably be an unknown (despite whatever nervousness 20th Century Fox might have about that… ultimately it’s what they say opposed to de Bont).

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      Ha, ha… well, I’m happy to admit I’m 44 at the end of January and read the original Rat book when I was ten or eleven. I guess that makes me about Jim’s age in the ‘for President’ story…

      There are lots of actors who could do it, but I can’t think of one who could do it full justice, with the right mix of charm, wit and action. Chris Evans, maybe. Or Hugh Jackman. George Clooney could play the older Jim, but not the younger. Not sure what ex-Superman Dean Cain is up to these days, but I used to think maybe he could carry it off.

      Chances are it’ll be some TV actor making the move into feature films. Or they could recreate Steve McQueen digitally… 🙂

  8. HawaiianBrian Says:

    My vote goes to Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter)

    Merry Christmas Paul! Hope you have a great time and a much-needed rest!

  9. Charles Goin Says:

    I just got hooked on the ebook craze.. and the FIRST thing I downloaded was The Velvet Glove. Which got me to thinking.. somethign I thought those 20 some years ago when I first read it but never had a place to ask then. Was there a sequel to it? It was such a great short story. Love to know if there were any more adventures for Jon Venex.. I have since downloaded all of Harrys’ work I can find online. Looking for more to be “e-published”. I have to also say as awesome as it was to start reading again (And they said the ebook would be the death of publishing..) it was also extremely awesome to find out my favorite writer is still writing after all these years.

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      Hi Charles —

      Mentioned this to Harry today – this story was a one-off, written for FANTASTIC UNIVERSE magazine in 1956, written when Harry was in Italy, I think. He wrote a bunch of robot stories for the magazine, and all but one of them ended up in the collection WAR WITH THE ROBOTS.

      I’m still not quite sure about the whole e-reader thing; read a couple of novels on the Sony eReader last summer, and wasn’t greatly impressed – page turn too slow. New Kindle looks quite nice, but I want to play with an iPad before I decide what to get… 🙂

  10. Says:

    hey Paul .
    I have few things to say mate ,what mr.Harrison thinks about crossover
    between his creations and other peopls creations?
    And the i have very old bulgarian (some 15 years old )i bouth them for
    (50 cent a piece)too bad i have only Stainless Steel RAt save the wolrd and stainless steel RAt revenge and my question is do like to send you the covers of this editions?

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      I guess it would depend on who’s writing the crossover… Harry wrote the short story about the Rat appearing in the world of Isaac Asimov’s Robots (The Fourth Law of Robotcs), which was fun. But I’m not sure I’d want to see HH’s characters written about by someone else… I know Harry wasn’t 100% happy with the ‘Bill’ series which was written by other authors.

      What sort of crossover did you have in mind?

      I’d very much like to see the Bulgarian edition covers — I don’t think I’ve ever seen them. If you can scan them and e-mail them to be at the address on the ‘Contact Us’ page, that would be great.

  11. rataniac Says:

    p.s.Nice blog by the way and say to mr.Harrison .He rocks 🙂
    Will mr.Harrison write more stainless steel rat ?
    What books he is working on ?

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      At the moment Harry is writing his autobiography. He also has plans for another book, but won’t make them public until it’s definite that the book will be written and published…

  12. rataniac Says:

    i think Nathan Fillion could play nice Slippery Jim in Tv series .Mr.Fillion
    is good in comedy roles and sci-fi (FireFLY/SErenity)yes i am browncoat)
    By the Michael C. Hall is good choice ,but is a bit dark he will play more
    like wolverine .Dean Cane he is too superman for the role.
    Maybe someone like Jared Padalacki (Sam from Supernatural )

  13. Geoff Langdale Says:

    I note with a certain degree of horror that there is a play about International Man of Mystery and All-Around Yukky Person Julian Assange under the name of Stainless Steel Rat – see:

    It’s not just the name, either, from their Facebook page:
    The world’s changed. Society’s all concrete and stainless steel. It really takes a smart rat to survive the new conditions.

    I’m not sure where I read something like that…

    Anyone know if this is authorized? If not, it makes me sad as usual to see that SF is a genre that people apparently feel 100% ok to rip off without attribution. I’d be very surprised to see a book by Martin Amis or Salman Rushdie or whoever pilfered without attribution in this way.

  14. Ramsey Campbell Says:

    A copy of my email to the Cornerhouse in Manchester:

    “I was sorry to see that in your current brochure (page 28) you reproduce the claim that Harry Harrison ‘stole the ending’ of Anthony Burgess’s novel The Wanting Seed. To put it charitably, Burgess’s memory was at fault – he even misremembers the title of Harry’s novel Make Room! Make Room!, as you can see from the quote you used. More to the point, the contract Harry signed when he sold the film rights specifically forbade his having any involvement in the film. I believe Harry told Burgess that the filmmakers stole the ending, not that he did. Is it possible for you to put this right somehow? I look forward to hearing from you.

    With my best wishes –

    Ramsey Campbell”

  15. Roman Says:

    Condolences from Russia to great writer.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Our condolescences to family and to all readers, who lost one of the best Sci-fi writers of all times. We all love his optimistic attitude to the life and his passion to act for good deeds, which encouraged many generation of readers to be better people.
    I read Harrison’s first book back in Soviet Union. One chapter was published in magazine “Vokrug Sveta (Around World). It was most toughest month in my life (I’m 50+ now) while I was waiting anchiously for next chapter will be published..

  17. Dave Shepherd Says:

    Hi looking to see if anyones collection is as big as mine always buy books as soon as i see them in charity shops and 2nd hand book shops as well as ebay of course – have over 200 paperbacks and nearly 20 hardbacks.
    Like to try and collect all the different covers if i can.
    Looking to maybe exchange some or sell maybe on request as am running a bit short of room except my hardbacks they are sacred to me
    Reason for multiple copies is 1 because im a huge fan and also as a lot of charity shops in the uk are now shreading a lot of books that came out before the year 2000 as they claim they cant sell them

  18. Сергей Says:

    Сегодня исполняется годовщина смерти Гарри Гаррисона – выдающийся человек. Помянем его.

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