Bruce Pennington Exhibition


Artist Bruce Pennington has an exhibition at Atlantis Bookshop, Museum Street, London WC1A 1LY from 29 July to 27 August.  See for more details.

As well as The Technicolor Time Machine cover painting for N.E.L. (above), Bruce Pennington also did several other covers for Harry Harrison books, including a couple for the Stainless Steel Rat series.

I probably first encountered the artist’s work on the covers for the NEL editions of the Dune trilogy, and the cover of several Gene Wolfe titles — incredible, other-worldly paintings. If you can’t make it along to the exhibition, try and get hold of a copy of Ultraterranium: The Paintings of Bruce Pennington — it’s one of my favourite collections of artwork.

One Response to “Bruce Pennington Exhibition”

  1. Burin Bache Says:

    Now that’s really a piece of art! A picture showing a sexy woman having her clothes ripped off by some pillaging vikings. 😉
    Cannot get much better, lol.

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