Why Do They Hate Atheists?


A little while ago, a Brazilian journalist contacted Harry and asked him why it was that people with religious belief hated atheists. Here is Harry’s response:

They’re Afraid of Us! – by Harry Harrison

It is hard to be religious. The priests threaten hellfire, eternal torture; very nice. Some believe that they feel disgust and repulsion towards atheists. Not true…

It’s fear!

We atheists lead happy lives, never concerned with the-dying-and-burn forever-in-hell nonsense. We know better. We enjoy happiness with our friends and neighbors and ignore all the greed and rituals that pay the parasite priests.

Let them wallow in their medieval superstition while we enjoy all the wonders of our God-free universe.

All that the godly feel is jealousy.

© Harry Harrison, 2011


2 Responses to “Why Do They Hate Atheists?”

  1. Burin Bache Says:

    Haha, that’s it!
    Now I’d call that a typical Harry’esque answer. Smart and with great humor.
    Heee, wouldn’t that maybe make a good idea for a novel…well, maybe at least a short story? “The happy Atheist” and how he has to deal with the various jealous religious folks….maybe kinda like his “Ni Venos, Doktoro Zamenhof, Ni Venos!” short story. Hehe…
    Happy Easter anyways! 😉

  2. NN Says:

    Dear Harry, *some priests do not believe,too.And they are angry because they HAVE to pretend they DO. To me,PRETENDING to love someone or something is worst torture. *Children are happy and enjoy themselves without TALKING of ‘good’ and’bad’.They LISTEN and WATCH. So they learn. If they are lucky,their parents are not ‘thowse’-priests-like. *By the way: Bible is breathtaking interesting. * * * My verdict:I WISH ALL OF HUMAN BEINGS WERE HONEST WITH THESELVES.

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