The Stainless Steel Reviewer


T.S. Hendrik has a blog called The Non-Review, and invites authors to review their own books. He contacted Harry Harrison, via this blog, and asked Harry to review The Stainless Steel Rat Returns.

You can read what Harry wrote here. Great stuff.

I’m now trying to think up a cunning plan to get other people to write this blog for me… 🙂

2 Responses to “The Stainless Steel Reviewer”

  1. Burin Bache Says:

    Well, how about bribing them with HH books and comics? 😉 😛
    Signed ones of course! 😉
    Haha, just joking. I think except Harry nobody is more qualified than you for this, cos nobody is closer to Harry than you. As close a a toilet seat could be…so to say….uhm, better scratch that, lol. ;P
    And I’m short on time the next upcoming weeks anyways.
    To the review: Thats a great idea and really interesting.
    And LOL!!! He wrote about the getting into Angelina’s knickers! And mentioned “borborygmus”!! 😀 😉
    But if I’d have to sign any of these reviews it would be the PUBLISHER’S HACK (PAID FLACK is a close second)! Tho the buy ten copies-thing would have never worked here. You had to be happy to find and get one!

  2. Colin James I-10 Blog Says:

    Not a big sci-fi fan however I remeber from school bus rides flicking through the comics looking for the 2000AD’s. Stainless Steel Rat was always a favourite. Remember reading the books years ago and have never forgotten them.


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