Quick Update


I’m back home now after my two weeks in Harryville. I have lots to catch up on here, and several hours of interviews still to transcribe!

I have two lots of Burin’s questions which I also still have to transcribe the answers to — I’ll try and get them posted here before the end of the week, along with a few other bits of news that I haven’t had chance to post yet.

Thanks to everyone who posted questions during the last fortnight — it was great to be able to ask Harry these questions as they came in. Please continue to let me have questions as they occur to you, as I’m sure Harry will be happy to answer them — I’ll either get answers from him by e-mail or save them up for another recorded interview when I see him again in a couple of months.

I got home to find that my copy of The Stainless Steel Rat Returns! audio book had arrived — seven hours in mp3 format on one CD. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but will post a review once I have.

3 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. crypto Says:

    Can I ask another question please?

    Hello Harry!
    I am your fan for the last 25 years already, I have all of your books an had read them multiple times. I want to tell you something about your Deathworld novels published in Russian language and written by Russian authors.
    All books written by Ant Skalandis are terrible, they are completely unreadable (Return to Deathworld (1998), Deathworld vs. Filibusters (1998), The Creatures from Hell (1999). It is good, that less of your fans over the world have read them.
    But, there is another book written by Mikhail Ahmanov – Deathworld 7 – Foes in Intelligence. Let me tell You, that this book is splendid. It is extremely interesting Sci-Fi book written near to your style and with perfect humor. It is one of my favorite books. When I have read this novel I didn’t know that it’s written not by You, so I was sure that it is your new novel and I was happy that novel was such a wonderful.
    Harry, It would be very good to publish this novel in English, to make your fans more happy!

    Many Regrads,
    Evgeny Pavlov, Moscow.

  2. J. B. Coldwell Says:

    If Harry doesn’t mind answering questions then I am sure I can produce a postbox full of things that have occurred to me over the years!!! I must firstly though offer a quick apology that most of my interest is centred on the SSR and Deathworld books. I have of course read and enjoyed many of Harry’s other works, but it is these two that I hold particularly dear. Anyway, just a quick couple for now:

    It seems almost certain from internal references that Jim and Jason live in the same universe – and even Bill too! There are definite similarities between Angelina’s battleship and the one Meta disarmed that was still in orbit around earth for instance. We can also find several references made by JBD to colony craft like the one Jason discovers carried the humans to Pyrrus. Esperanto is of course shared by both characters and it may be reasonable to suggest Jason lives long after Jim given the condition of the language on Hertug’s world and its unfamiliarity to Micah. It might even be plausible that the decaying civilization and government which Bill is (reluctantly and unwittingly!) struggling to prop up is the same thousand-year-gone ‘Empire’ which crops up from time to time in Jim’s present day. That said there are of course overt suggestions the two are very separate – such as the legendary destruction of Earth – and even perhaps different facets of a common ‘Moorcockian’ ‘multiverse’. Nonetheless, given the many possible cross-over points I wonder if Harry has ever deliberately considered these and maybe several other protagonists from his other series to all exist in the same continuity? Is there even a potential time-line or internal chronology that Harry has constructed over the years to place his various stories within?

    Something that the fan inside me would love to know is did Harry ever meet with Doc Smith in his early Astounding days? Many of the overtly militaristic and imperial notions of the later would no doubt have grated rather, but I am sure I can also detect a genuine fondness and maybe even unintentional homage to the space opera of the Lens and Skylark series in many places throughout Harry’s writing?

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