Send Your Good Wishes to Harry!


Unfortunately, Harry is feeling under the weather at the moment and I think a good way to cheer him up would be for us to send him on some good-will messages…

Leave your comments here, and I will pass them all on to Harry.

Alternatively you can go over to the Harry Harrison website and send a message by e-mail – follow the link at the bottom of the main page.


22 Responses to “Send Your Good Wishes to Harry!”

  1. garry clark Says:

    get well soon Harry from a fan in Scotland! been reading all your books again after many years and still enjoying them as much now as i did as a callow youth.

  2. Colin Davidson Says:

    Hi Harry,
    I once picked a book up in the library called Homeworld, I loved it and devoured it so quickly then rushed back to the library to see if they had the rest of the “To The Stars” collection, sadly I could’t find them, this was before the internet was common and what now takes a few clicks on a mouse took me days of searching book shops. Since those days I have spent so many happy hours lost in the worlds you have created and enjoyed every minute.
    I’ll sign off with my warmest wishes that your health improves and as we say in Scotland… “Lang may yer lum reek”
    Thanks once more for many a good read.

  3. jack Perreault Says:

    Get well soon Harry, I’m waiting for the new Stainless Steel Rat book. A big fan and admirer of yours. Jack

  4. Paul Bussey Says:

    Best wishes for the most influentual and impactful author of my life.

    Stay strong, be rat like, stay stainless and do not rust any more than you should.


  5. Brian Says:

    Hope you feel better soon Harry.
    Take care,

    Dr. Brian Ireland
    Lecturer in American History
    University of Glamorgan.

  6. Silvano Says:

    i send my regards To Mr. Harrison, hope he’ll fine. My message is also from a lot of users from my portal, but i dont want to make your mail spam so i dont post email adress.
    Is he now in england?
    Sorry a lot for my english and eventual keyboard error, i’m away from house for some day so i use cell to write.

  7. sandy Says:

    there is a short story I read in Asimov’s book The Last Question.
    It’s talking about a businessman who taught the knowlege to a new planet people from the books he brought to the planet. One day, there came another human who was a missionary (Christian I think). He told those people in the planet about the existance of God. the people in the planet got confused because what he told them is totally against all the knowlege they knew. As a result, they made a decision-use science to prove the religion-they killed Christian man on the cross and tested if he would come back to life or not.

    The edition of The Last Question I read is traditional-Chinese. It’s published in 1987. I tried to google this short story but I found nothing. Please told me title of this story and probably the book that collected this article, thank you!

  8. Burin Bache Says:

    Best get-well-soon wishes from Germany, Harry!
    I never get tired of reading your books and your humor has brightened countless boring rainy afternoons.
    Alles Gute!

  9. Miranda Says:

    Hi Harry
    Just a quick line to say HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Since that safe dropped on the robot cops head, i have had a place in my heart for jim and you. Jim has granted me hours of escapism and day dreams of delight, imagining schemes and plans of various galatic misdameanors, which can all be forgiven. A new book isn’t a resurrection of the rat, cause jim has no respect for time, but merely the next chapter, because we all have to start (again) somewhere. “With that he pours a large whiskey over some ice”.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I know you will get better, because you are AWESOME.

  12. Silvano Says:

    Sorry for ot;
    will some book be on ipad store? Which language?

  13. geoffrey graves Says:

    once upon a time in san diego you, me and ted sat around in your house and drank some italian red, for god’s sake i loved your eden books
    pspp i live up here in the santa crurz mts next door to the green hills of earth

  14. Phil Gigante Says:

    Cheers, Harry!
    It has been an honor and privilege to voice your immortal characters in the audiobook version of “The Stainless Steel Rat Returns”. I, and everyone at Brilliance Audio, want to wish you the speediest of recoveries! You have crafted a wonderful , joyous and galaxy spanning adventure for Jim and Angelina, and I am thrilled and not above bragging about the fact I got to read it first! Your fans will be enthralled!

    All my best for your health! You mean so much to us long time fans…

    Phil Gigante

  15. readerreader Says:

    Can’t we send a postcard or getwellsoon card somewhere?

  16. Edna Kincaid Says:

    Harry, I have always loved your sci fy books. Keep it up. Also am sorry you are having a rough year health wise. Find a good book to read and relax with a drink, be it mixed drink, beer, coke, whatever. Just keep the rat alive.

  17. Michael Kitchens Says:

    Harry! I just wanted to wish you well in your health this year! I’m a 34 year old fan who grew up reading your stories. The fact that a new Stainless Steel Rat book is out just made me jump for joy! I have a large collection of your books, and I first hit upon them when I was growing up in the bookstores of my youth. Thanks so much for inspiring me with your boundless imagination, and I just wanted you to know that I’m ordering my copy of the latest SSR right now! Mahalo and god bless! -Mike From Hawaii

  18. duncan howard Says:

    Hi Harry –

    Been a loyal fan since I was a kid, a long time now. Been rereading your stuff lately. Just polished off 50 in 50, which was a real treat. I hope you’re feeling well and just wanted to tell you that you’ve had a tremendous impact on me with your writing. Keep up the good work sir!



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