According to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, the publication of The Stainless Steel Rat Returns has been put back to 3rd August 2010. And there’s still no cover artwork to share with you…

But my search of Amazon did turn up another Rat book — the UK publishers of 2000AD are bringing out an omnibus of their comic strip adaptations, featuring the incredible artwork of Carlos Ezquerra. Publication date is listed as 15th July 2010, and the page count is a massive 320 pages (assuming that’s not a typo), which means that it will contain The Stainless Steel Rat, The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World, and The Stainless Steel Rat for President. Hopefully this artwork will be in glorious black and white, as it – for the most part – originally appeared. Amazon seem to think the book is a reissue of the original novel judging by the reviews they’ve linked with it…

There is cover art too, though I suspect this may not be the final artwork.

Stainless Steel Rat 2000ad Comics Omnibus

Art: Carlos Ezquerra / 2000ad

And due out on the 6th May 2010 (or 6th April according to Amazon.com) is Nebula Awards Showcase 2010, which actually relates to the 2009 awards, including Harry Harrison’s elevation to Grand Master status. The anthology includes a classic Harry Harrison short story, and – I believe – an appreciation of Harrison’s work.

8 Responses to “Rats!”

  1. Burin Bache Says:

    Woot! That’s great. The comics are definitely worth to get! I really like the artwork of them.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh its been a while since I read a Stainless Steel Rat book-have read about half a dozen of them-so far the only HH books I’ve read,apart from one Billy the Galactic Hero book.


  3. Dan Fitzgibbon Says:


    driving home today, for some unknown reason thought of Jimmy D’. Had been a fan of the story in 2000AD and liked the character. Any word on a movie? Where is Mr Harrison these day’s? Still in Ireland?

    Great memories, wicked sense of humour.

    Best wishes


    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      No recent news on the movie, though my understanding is that the book is still under option by Hollywood producer Bill McCutcheon.

      Harry divides his time between Ireland, England and Florida, USA — when he’s not visiting other parts of the world!

  4. Silvano Says:

    In how many languages eill it be translate?
    and in wich it pubblished( only in english or also russian or italian)
    there Are some text about Edem which is not the trillogy?

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      The only translation I know about at the moment is the Russian one, which I think will probably be published before the English one.

      There is one ‘West of Eden’ short story, ‘Dawn of the Endless Night,’ which was published in an anthology called The Ultimate Dinosaur – or Dinosauri in Italy, edited by Byron Preiss and Robert Silverberg. The story was also in the HH collection 50 in 50.

      • Silvano Says:

        Thank you very much, i’m really unpatient to read the new book(hole russian ecommerce will allow to ship the book To EU)

  5. Rats, Rats and More Rats! « Official Harry Harrison News Blog Says:

    […] mentioned previously that the Stainless Steel Rat comics are being republished in a single volume. They’re listed on the Amazon UK site as having been […]

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