Peter Elson Website


Peter Elson website

The official website for artist Peter Elson is now online at — a huge amount of effort has gone into the site, as the images in the galleries have – where possible – been taken from the original paintings. As well as book covers there is fair amount of previously unseen artwork.

Apart from a brief biography of the artist, the site consists entirely of images, which can be viewed in medium and high resolution. There is some really gorgeous stuff there. As well as the Stainless Steel Rat and Deathworld covers, I always loved Peter Elson’s vehicle designs and the painting of the shuttlecraft from 2001.

There are covers here I recognise that I never realised were Elson’s work. And there are images which make me want to go out and get hold of the books and read them – which probably the highest compliment you can pay a cover design.

The images are arranged in broad categories, and the Harry Harrison covers are in a number of different ones – I’m not going to post direct links to them: this is a gallery website that you should spend some time browsing – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Start with the ‘People’ section and then just wander through the galleries…

Looking at the high-resolution images reminded me of one of the great things about Elson’s paintings, which was that everything was handpainted – all of the textures and the lettering and logos have a handcrafted quality: no Letraset and no computers, and this gives the images a lovely organic feel that is missing from many images we see today.

If you have a favourite Peter Elson painting, prints should be available shortly — there’s a ‘contact’ link on the site for making enquiries about prints.

The site is the work of Peter’s sister, Pam, and web designer Martin Lucas, who have made a wonderful job of it.

I’m off now to compile a list of the prints that I’d like to have – starting with the Stainless Steel Rat cover… 🙂

One Response to “Peter Elson Website”

  1. Martin Lucas Says:

    Thank you your kind words about the website, it’s great that so many people are getting so much enjoyment out of it. It was a pleasure to work on.

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