Set a Thief to Catch a Thief


I received a ‘now playing’ e-mail from today about a new TV series which airs in the USA from tomorrow — here’s the blurb:

“White Collar” is about the unlikely partnership between a con artist and an FBI agent who have been playing cat and mouse for years. Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), a charming criminal mastermind, is finally caught by his nemesis, FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay).

When Neal escapes from a maximum-security prison to find his lost love, Peter nabs him once again. Rather than returning to jail, Neal suggests an alternate plan: He’ll provide his criminal expertise to help the Feds catch other notorious and elusive criminals in exchange for his freedom. Initially wary, Peter quickly finds that Neal provides insight and intuition that can’t be found on the right side of the law.

“White Collar” New Original Series Premieres October 23, Fridays 10/9c on USA Network.

White Collar

White Collar

Might be worth a look… though we won’t see it in the UK for ages, I suppose…

If you watch it, leave a comment and let us know if it’s any good… 🙂



5 Responses to “Set a Thief to Catch a Thief”

  1. Burin Bache Says:

    If you won’t see it in the UK for ages then it will prolly even longer for this show to be screened here in Germany. 😦
    Tho that depends on the success of the show too.
    The Wikipedia-article sounds interesting:
    But hey, remember this old one?
    I’ve seen this as kid and totaly forgot about it. That Al Mundy guy was not too different from Slippery Jim. 😉

  2. Martin Stockdale Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this series, I’d never have bothered watching it if I hadn’t read this!

    The first episode is pretty good, bodes well for the series I hope. (There again, the cancelling of Defying Gravity says a lot about what US TV companies think about series that I like.) There’s a definite Slippery Jim feel to the whole thing, though of course there is no SciFi element to the story.

    Definitely worth trying to find and watch, if all else fails get in touch with Channel 5 and ask them to consider showing it!

  3. Rich Says:

    Interesting show, funny and entertaining. I kind of like the premise. Although it seems a bit like an 80’s tv show called hardcastle and mccormick. Anyways, if you haven’t found it already you can watch the series on the internet about a week after it airs on

  4. Steve Says:

    I did actually catch the premiere and a quite a few of the episodes. I can’t really compare the the character of Neal Caffrey to Jim diGriz, as I consider them two separate animals (to borrow a term out of context). Caffrey is governed by personal need. diGriz’s motivation is something entirely different (*wry smile*).

  5. JulieH Says:

    The TV show “Leverage” is similar, but with an entire team of lovely criminals – not quite comparable, of course, but their stuff is more in line with the fantastic cleverness that diGriz might pull off…

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