Octocon 2009 – 2 Days to Go…


Octocon, the Irish National Science Fiction convention, will begin on Saturday morning — there’s lots of cool stuff going on, but this is a HH blog, so we’ll concentrate on what Harry will be doing this weekend. 

The official programme of events hasn’t been released yet but… Harry will, I believe, be taking part in three panels during the course of the weekend: a discussion about collaboration with other authors; a question and answer session; and a session which I think we’re giving the modest title of  ‘How to Write a Science Fiction Bestseller’! This will be a discussion of the creation of a major SF work, with some in-depth insights into the writing of the West of Eden trilogy, including such topics as creating an alien race, language and culture, creating an alien world, and getting from orginal idea to final plot. All in the space of an hour.

I’m flying out to Dublin tomorrow at ridiculously-early o’clock, back in the UK late Monday, and will post a full report when I get back.

If you are at Octocon this weekend, come and say hi and have a chat with Harry — that’s what conventions are all about. That and sitting in the bar drinking. 🙂

One Response to “Octocon 2009 – 2 Days to Go…”

  1. Danielle Lavigne Says:

    Really looking forward to it!

    http://octocon.com/sites/octocon/files/Saturday%20and%20Sunday.pdf is the schedule. 🙂

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