Stainless Steel Art (37)


This one is from the first Spanish edition of The Stainless Steel Rat, published by Editorial Ferma in 1967. There’s no artist credit for this one, as far as I remember — if you know who the artist is, please leave a comment.

Presumably the groovy chick in the background is Angelina, and the guy doing the Incredible-Hulk-about-to-change pose is Jim at the point where he’s taken the mind altering substance in order to be able to think like a psycho … or maybe I’m just trying to read too much into these images? 🙂

Published by Ferma, 1967

Published by Ferma, 1967

One Response to “Stainless Steel Art (37)”

  1. Arthur Lortie Says:

    The artist’s name is Enrich, who did many covers for Editorial Ferma, including a version of Deathworld 2.

    The text, just FYI, was tranlated by F.Gonzalez Legorburu.

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