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Stainless Steel Art (35)

30 September, 2009
Art: ?

Art: ?

From November 1962, and The Stainless Steel Rat‘s first appearance in Italian. I can’t see an artist credit on the magazine – if you know who the artist is, please leave a comment. The spaceship here looks a bit like a paper aeroplane, but the face in the space helmet is great — the Rat (if it is he) seems to have a faraway look in his eyes…

Stainless Steel Art (34)

29 September, 2009
Art: Keleck

Art: Keleck

I’ve always quite liked this cover from the French edition of The Stainless Steel Rat, published by J.-C. Lattes in 1981 — Jim looks pretty cool, though his gun is a bit retro, and he seems to be carrying off the loot in a snooker cue case… šŸ™‚

Octocon 2009

15 September, 2009

As previously mentioned, Harry Harrison will be appearing at the 2009 Octocon convention in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, which takes place 10th and 11th October.

As part of the preparations for the con I conducted a short interview with Harry for the con website, which you can read here. There’s an intriguing note at the end, in which Harry hints at another book which is in the early stages of development…

The great thing about Octocon is that it is a big enough convention to attract great guests, but small enough to have a friendly atmosphere. Have a look around the Octocon website and you’ll see that there is an excellent mix of written SF, comics and films this year — it really looks like its going to be a good one.

The actual programme of events for the convention is in development, but there’s one panel planned featuring Harry Harrison which I’m really looking forward to. šŸ™‚

You can now register online for the con and pay by PayPal – the cost for attending is ā‚¬30 which was Ā£27.14 when I registered a minute ago. You can also pay by cheque or postal order.

This post was brought to you in conjuction with McSwineys and Octocon Inc.

A Stainless Steel Rat?

7 September, 2009

I saw this image in the September 2009 issue of 3d World magazine and thought it was fantastic – it is called R.A.T. and is by Ben Parry — have a look, and make sure you zoom in to the full-sized image to appreciate the detail.

Quick Update

3 September, 2009

Apologies for the lack of posts recently – I’ve been busy doing other things…

Last weekend I went down to visit Harry Harrison for a few days – caught up with his latest news, and did a short interview which will shortly appear on the Octocon 2009 website.

The conventionĀ will includeĀ at least a coupleĀ of panels featuring HH. Details will be confirmed nearer the date. You can now sign up for the convention on the website via PayPal, which is good news.Ā 

If you’ve never been to an Octocon, it is a nice smallish con with plenty of opportunity to chat with the guests and have a drink with them in the bar!

I also returned from Harry’s with several boxes of books — so have lots of interesting covers to scan… šŸ™‚

The other things I’m working on at the momentĀ are an updated version of the Harry Harrison bibliography (I just found a couple of Thai editions of Stainless Steel Rat books IĀ didn’t know about) and an update for the HH website — lost of new content, and lots of new book covers… hope my scanner is up to the task.

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