Angelina – Firebrand!


I recently came across a reference to Ron Miller’s book Firebrands: The Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy, which includes a (smallish) picture and reference to Harry Harrison’s character Angelina from the Stainless Steel Rat series.

Art © Ron Miller 1998

Art © Ron Miller 1998

Miller is probably best known for his incredible illustrations of planet scapes and deep space, but here he turns his attention to some of the strongest and most memorable female characters in science fiction. And while there is nudity here, his women are not of the overly-pneumatic and smothered-in-baby-oil variety.  Firebrands was published by Paper Tiger in1998.

There’s a short biography of Miller on the Wikipedia site and a better one on Miller’s own site. Also have a look at the artwork in the ‘Prints’ and ‘Catalog’ sections of the site — and the ‘Movies’ section, which has production artwork from Dune.

The text in firebrands is by SF author Pamela Sargent, who says of Angelina: “Even her husband, the amoral supercriminal called ‘The Stainless Steel Rat,’ is hard-put to restrain his bloodthirsty wife.”

Art © Ron Miller 1998

Art © Ron Miller 1998

3 Responses to “Angelina – Firebrand!”

  1. Hughes. Says:

    I don’t think Peter Elson (the artist I most associate with Jim and his world) ever did a cover with Angelina on, so my main image of her has always been the dark, peevish, latin look that Carlos Ezquerra gave her. Interesting to see someone else’s idea of her though.

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      Yes, me too. Although I see Peter Elson’s version of Jim in my head, it’s certainly Ezquerra’s Angelina I see…

      Though I do like Jim Burns’ version of the younger Jim too.

      But given that both Jim and Angelina are masters of disguise (and users of cosmetic surgery), I suppose every version could be right… 🙂

  2. Pat Galea Says:

    Yup, Ezquerra’s Angelina is my Angelina too! 🙂

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