Harry Harrison Podcast (Part 6 – Audience Questions)


The final part of the interview recorded at the Octcober 2001 Octocon SF convention includes a discussion of Harry Harrison’s more recent projects, such as the West of Eden and Stars and Stripes trilogies, as well as questions from the audience.

This is the largest part of the five, running for just over 16 minutes, and coming in at a 15.2Mb download.

06 – Up to Date & Audience Questions

A transcript of the whole interview is included on the Harry Harrison website: the direct link to the page is:


Octocon is the national Irish science fiction convention, held annually in October. Harry Harrison will be a guest at the 2009 convention, which is being held over the weekend of the 10th and 11th October. Full details can be found on the Octocon website.

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