Get Lost!

Artwork: Esposito

Artwork: Andru & Esposito

Some of the obscure Harry Harrison items are more obscure than others. Here’s one that came my from Denny Lien via Phil Stephensen-Payne. Thanks to both Denny and Phil for this information.

Get Lost! was a Mad magazine wannabe, created by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, which lasted for three issues in 1954. Virtually all of the content of the three issues was written and drawn by the two artists, but Harry Harrison contributed one spoof text article — with illustrations by HH, I think — called ‘How to Make Your Own Comic Book.’ The one and a half page article was published under the pseudonym Robsjohn Gluck.

The three issues were republished in a single volume in 2007 by Hermes Press as Andru and Esposito’s Get Lost! It is listed by Amazon, and is certainly worth a look. As well as the HH piece there are spoofs of Flash Gordon and Robin Hood, and the usual Mad-style nonsense.

Harry Harrison was himself responsible for editing, and partially writing and drawing, another Mad rip-off called Nuts! which I haven’t seen.

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