Artwork: Eddie Jones
Artwork: Eddie Jones

Skyfall – if you haven’t read it – is Harry Harrison’s version of a 1970s disaster novel. There were a few such books, but they were quickly eclipsed by the disaster movie genre, some of which films – Airport, The Towering Inferno – were based on novels. Skyfall also anticipates the techno-thriller of the 1980s, of which Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October is probably the best known example. That too was made into a film. Sadly Skyfall never made the jump to the big screen.

The cover above is from the German edition, published by Heyne in 1978.

The photograph of Harry Harrison below is taken from the back cover of the same book.

Photo: ?

Photo: ?

One Response to “Skyfall”

  1. David Pringle Says:

    The new James Bond film — as of October 2011 — is said to be called … SKYFALL !

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