Twitter, Tweets and Twits


I have been carefully avoiding ‘social networking’ sites because either (a) I haven’t found a use for one yet, or (b) I don’t have any friends. I’ve also been avoiding Twitter, because I don’t do anything interesting enough to send out regular text messages to the world.

But last week, in my job as a library-type person, I was introduced to the search facility on Twitter as a source of information. As I usually do in such sessions, I did a search for ‘Harry Harrison’ and started reading the tweets that came up. Part way through one of them I thought ‘Hang on, I wrote that last week!’ It seems that one of Harry’s US publishers is taking a feed from this blog and posting it out through Twitter. Which is very nice of them. But the way it’s sent out gives the impression that it is Harry Harrison himself who is writing this drivel as opposed to yours truly.

I’ve seen comments posted elsewhere wondering why Harry Harrison writes about himself in the third person — I’m not sure how I can make it clearer that the stuff that says ‘by Paul Tomlinson’ under it is by me and the stuff that says ‘by Harry Harrison’ is posted by the man himself. It doesn’t help, I suppose, that the e-mails go out without the bylines – though they do come from my e-mail address…

I thought about changing the image at the top of the blog to ‘edited by…’ but I’m not sure that would fix the problem. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Of course, anyone reading this on Twitter will presumably only see the first 140 characters… 🙂

2 Responses to “Twitter, Tweets and Twits”

  1. Rob Charron Says:

    Hi 🙂
    Long-time reader, first-time commenter.
    A lot of terrific writers are on Twitter. I would love to be updated by you on new releases, book news, appearances, etc. Please join the fun!
    Elizabeth Bear is on Twitter.
    Michelle Sagara is on Twitter (She’s Michelle West of DAW fame)
    I love all your books & have them, well-worn & re-re-read on my bookshelves.
    Love From Canada

  2. Patrick Says:

    Just to completely disagree with the earlier commenter, I think Twitter is awful, and automated blog re-posting to twitter of this sort is not going to be effective marketing. I would ask them to write their own tweets…

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