Ashkelon, Wesker’s World


I’ve written about Harry’s short story ‘The Streets of Ashkelon’ a couple of times before, but haven’t previously mentioned that there was a comics adaptation of it. It was published in Graphixus magazine in issue #5 dated August – September 1978.

The artist / adapter was Brian Bolland, probably best known in the UK for his Judge Dredd artwork in 2000ad and in the US for his artwork for the Batman graphic novel The Killing Joke.

Bolland’s comic art is absolutely incredible: check out the collection The Art of Brian Bolland. I personally prefer his black and white artwork.

‘Wesker’s World’ comes from a much earlier period in Bolland’s career – the art isn’t quite as accomplished, and the adaptation is a little dialogue-heavy. The final image is very, very good – but I’m not posting it here as it would ruin the end of the story…

Copies of this issue of Graphixus can still be found – I got my copy on the ABE website: or in the US. There are separate sites for other countries – all linked from both of the above. The content listed is, I believe, the same whichever you look at, except where a seller won’t ship to your country. ABE is a great place for secondhand books and magazines if you haven’t had a look at it before.

The images here were all scanned by Michael Carroll, my co-conspirator on the Official Harry Harrison Website…

Artwork: Brian Bolland

Artwork: Brian Bolland

Artwork: Brian Boland

Artwork: Brian Boland

Above:  Title artwork from the first page of the story.

Artwork: Brian Bolland

Artwork: Brian Bolland

Here is the central character of the story, ‘Narth’ in this adaptation, renamed I suspect because ‘Garth’ was a popular comic strip character running in one of the UK daily newspapers.
Artwork: Brian Bolland
Artwork: Brian Bolland

Here’s the priest who is the only other human character in the story.

Art: Brian Bolland

Art: Brian Bolland

Here are the alien inhabitants of Wesker’s World — pretty much as I saw them in my head when I originally read the story.

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