Rick Random (2)


I e-mailed Steve Holland, editor of the Rick Random book mentioned a few days ago, and he has kindly provided the full details of Harry Harrison’s contributions to the Rick Random comics:

“Harry Harrison wrote four stories in total: Rick Random and the Space Pirates (Super Detective 127, May 1958, art by Ron Turner) Rick Random’s Perilous Mission (Super Detective 129, June 1958, art by Ron Turner) Rick Random and the Mystery of the Knights of Space (Super Detective 139, November 1958, art by Ernest Ratcliff) Rick Random and the Terror from Space (Super Detective 143, January 1959, art by Ron Turner)

“The first two were included in the reprint and the last was supposed to be, but they reprinted Killer in Space instead. If you look on page 652 you’ll see the cover for Terror from Space with the wrong information that it was reprinted as Killer from Space, a note helpfully (but erroneously) inserted by someone at Prion. Killer in Space was actually a reprint of the very first Rick Random story, Crime Rides the Spaceways.”

This information was taken from the payment records, so should be 100% correct.

Thanks to Steve for the additional information. He says there may be a second collection of the strips if the first one sells sufficiently well, so do please go out and buy a copy today!

2 Responses to “Rick Random (2)”

  1. John Lawrence Says:

    Paul – I’m afraid your info on the stories HH wrote is still not totally correct. I provided steve H with the information after consulting the payment records but Steve still got it wrong. in fact your early assumption that Harry wrote The Robot Planet was correct. Knights of Space was by Frost and Coker but as the titles followed each other in the listing the credit was accidentally transposed. This should clarify the situation once and for all.

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      John — Thanks for the amendment. There has certainly been a bit of confusion about which stories HH wrote, so it’s always good to get the answer from a primary source and not perpetuate the errors.

      I have to rewrite the HH website pages to reflect the new information I have on Rick Random and much of Harry’s comics artwork from the 1950s — that was a lot of fun to track down as there are pretty much no sources to check for the none EC stuff.

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