Stainless Steel Art (20)


Here’s something a little different – The Stainless Steel Rat in Esperanto. If you’ve read any of the Rat books, you’ll know that Harry Harrison uses Esperanto as the ‘universal language’ in the series. Harry speaks Esperanto, having learned it while serving in the army, and has used it during his travels and promoted it in his books and at SF conventions.

Stainless Steel Rat in Esperanto

Stainless Steel Rat in Esperanto

There is a ‘chapter’ about Esperanto on the HH website, including a transcript of Harry’s 1987 Worldcon Esperanto panel. The link above should take you directly to the page – if not, go to and click on ‘Chapters’ then ‘Esperanto.’

If you’re interested in the language of Esperanto itself, there’s some information on the HH website; and the Wikipedia entry has more detail plus useful links.

And this is another of my own SSR images – if you look closely you’ll see this silhouette in the ‘O’ in Harrison on the main website page, and it has been the icon on the ‘home’ button of the page for a while now. Here it is in its full glory – and with no red eye this time. 🙂

Art: Paul Tomlinson

Art: Paul Tomlinson

If the Rat movie ever happens, I think something like this should be on the teaser poster, with a tagline ‘Set a Rat to Catch a Rat…  Coming Summer 2010.’  If only…

2 Responses to “Stainless Steel Art (20)”

  1. Paul Tomlinson Says:

    If I’d been paying attention, I’d have said that the Esperanto edition is of A Stainless Steel Rat is Born… 🙂

  2. Burin Bache Says:

    Indeed….If only….
    Your rat looks pretty cool…the tagline too. 😉

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