War With the Robots


 Not strictly speaking related to Harry Harrison in any way, but as these two movies are about CGI battling robots, it allows me to use the HH story title for the post.

The first,  C.O.D.E. Guardian by Italian animator Marco Spitoni, has a lovely retro feel to it, and asks the question: what would have happened if the Nazis had had giant battle droids?

The second is Vincent Chai’s World War Robots, which again has a retro World War II feel, but also has a touch of The Transformers about it.

Both these guys are incredibly talented, and I’d recommend looking out for other examples of their work.

If you come across any similar short films you think the rest us would enjoy, then please add a comment.

One Response to “War With the Robots”

  1. Burin Bache Says:

    Oh yes, I saw CODE Guardian a while back. That short movie really makes you wish they’d make a computer game out of this or a big movie at least. Really awesome.

    For some reason the video on Vincent Chai site doesn’t work for me. Neither in Opera nor IE.
    If anybody else has that prob I found it here too:

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