Stainless Steel Art (18)


The book cover below is from the very first edition of The Stainless Steel Rat published by Pyramid in the USA in 1961, and the artwork is by John Schoenherr, who – you may remember – provided the interior artwork for ‘The Misplaced Battleship,’ the second Rat story which appeared in Astounding / Analog.

Art: John Schoenher - Pyramid 1961

Art: John Schoenherr - Pyramid 1961

It wasn’t until I began doing a little research that I discovered how may of the great old Analog covers John Schoenherr actually painted. He painted The Technicolor Time Machine cover for Analog for the story’s original appearance as ‘The Time-Machined Saga,’ and the cover painting for The Man from P.I.G.

There is a great website, the Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover Art (VISCO), which has scans of hundreds of covers – click on Artist Index and then the ‘S’ in the navigation on the left-hand side to find John Schoenherr’s work. Well worth a look. Many of Schoenherr’s paintings have a soft, haunting quality about them which I think is really affective.

Kirk Snavely has written useful John Schoenherr biography, which includes some of the SF images – including the incredible covers for Code Three and Dune World, as well as some of the artist’s more recent wildlife paintings.

Thanks again to John Schoenherr, who gave permission for his artwork to be posted on this blog.

And if there is a publisher out there reading this, it’s time for a nice big retrospactive volume of John Schoenherr’s work, don’t you think? 🙂

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