Stainless Steel Art (8)


I promised to post more artwork by Carlos Ezquerra from the adaptation of the Rat stories from the UK comic 2000ad, so here are a couple of images. The first is the cover artwork from the Eagle Comics reprint of the stories which appeared in the USA.

Art: Carlos Ezquerra

Art: Carlos Ezquerra

In my view, the Eagle reprints are far inferior to the original appearances in 2000ad for a couple of reasons. First up, the art was… er… ‘edited’ to fit the narrower pages of a standard comic book, and to remove the logos which appeared in the original artwork (the stories appeared weekly over about a dozen weeks each). Unfortunately, the person who retouched the artwork seemed to wearing gloves. And a blindfold. Invisible mending it ain’t.

Also, as well as being a larger format, the original comics were in black and white, with a centre-page spread in colour (at least for some of the stories). The colouring on these spreads varied from the subtle to the eyewatering, but was always superior – in my opinion – to the slapdash colouring on the Eagle versions.

I should have said before, the .jpeg images here do not do justice to the Ezquerra artwork – if you get chance to, have a look at  either the Eagle or 2000ad versions.

The big disadvantage of the old 2000ad comics was that they were printed on paper that was only a step above paper towels, but I remember the reek of printer’s ink on cheap paper with some affection. OMG I sound like an old person. 😉


Art: Carlos Ezquerra

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