Stainless Steel Art (7)


As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Harry Harrison is one of the bestselling authors in Russia. That’s not just ‘bestselling SF authors’ but best selling authors period. When Harry Harrison went to buy caviar in a fish market in Moscow, the woman on the stall knew who he was. How cool is that? 🙂

Though in Russia he’s Garry Garrison, as there isn’t an aspirate aitch in the Russian language. Or so I’m told.

What there is in Russia are some great editions of Harry’s books. There’s a single volume edition of all ten Stainless Steel Rat books, which is both very attractive and very heavy. There was also the first world edition of The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus in April 2000, a good few months ahead of either the UK or US editions.

Here’s the cover to that book, published jointly by Russian publisher EKSMO and Alexander Korzhenevski. Here we get Jim, metal rats, porcuswine, and a young lady in a skimpy costume…

Unfortunately I have no details about the cover artist – if you know, please leave a comment…

[Update 3rd March 2009:  Thanks to ‘T3’ we now have the cover artist credit.]

Art: Igor Varavin

Art: Igor Varavin

3 Responses to “Stainless Steel Art (7)”

  1. Burin Bache Says:

    Now that looks great. Especially the steel rats and the porcuswines…tho I do not mind the lady either.;)
    All those great editions makes me wish to be able to read Russian.

  2. T3 Says:

    Name of artist is Igor Varavin.

  3. Lake Says:

    I have this edition of SSR 🙂

    Here is interview with Igor Varavin:

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