Stainless Steel Art (6)


Bryn Barnard did a series of Rat covers for Ace in the mid 1980s. I think they’re fantastic – the kind of image which would make me pick a book off the rack even if I’d never heard of the title or author. Bryn also provided the interior illustrations – but not the covers – for the Harry Harrison short story collections Galactic Dreams and Stainless Steel Visions.

I’m sure I stole was inspired by Bryn’s design when I did the cover for one of my Harry Harrison fanzines, and this was the design which ultimately became the bibliography cover, as posted a couple of days ago.

Thanks to Bryn, who replied to my query about the artwork earlier this week:  

“I did a bunch of Harry Harrison covers for Ace: the Stainless Steel Rat trilogy and later You Can Be the Stainless Steel Rat (an interactive story, where readers choose different routes through the story) and the Deathworld trilogy. The Stainless Steel Visions and Galactic Dreams interiors came years later … Both Deathworld and the Stainless Steel Rat books were done in collaboration with the great Gene Mydlowski, then art director at Ace/Berkley. He deserves credit for the suggestion that I try some sort of literal interpretation of the Stainless Steel Rat.” 

As well as his website, you can check out Bryn’s blog


Art: Bryn Barnard

Art: Bryn Barnard


We had a French Rat cover yesterday, and here’s another one from an older edition published, I think, by J.-C. Lattes in 1981, with cover art by Keleck. Unfortunately I only have this rather ropey web image, and no other details about the artist…

Art: Keleck(?)

Art: Keleck(?)

One Response to “Stainless Steel Art (6)”

  1. Burin Bache Says:

    Aaah, Bryn Barnard! He did some great covers for the SSR.
    Really intersting to see covers from other countries.

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