Harry Harrison Book on Display at Tate Modern


I saw a news story on the BBC Six O’Clock News the other day, and promptly forgot to write a post about it, so here it is — late news.

Artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s new installation at the Tate Modern is called TH.2058 (in part because it is housed in the huge turbine hall), and represents the world fifty years from now (explaining the other part of the title). The Guardian’s Charlotte Higgins described it as “somewhere between Henry Moore’s drawings of communal air-raid shelters in the blitz and the nightmarish dormitories of Soylent Green.”

The bunk beds which form the installation have a number of books lying on them, which visitors to the exhibition can pick up and read. Among the titles are Farenheit 451, The War of the Worlds, and… Make Room! Make Room! 

The Tate Modern Press Release doesn’t mention the Harrison book. But it is listed in the bibliography on the exhibition website. According to the bibliography, an excerpt from Soylent Green also forms part of the installation.

There’s a version of the BBC report available here, which features a glimpse of one visitor reading the Harrison book. Which is also collected here, if you can’t access the BBC site.

There is a second BBC clip featuring an interview ith the artist here.

Neither of these clips is the one I saw originally, as that one ended with the reporter speaking to camera holding a copy of Make Room! Make Room!.

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