Harry Harrison – Pravda (Russia) Interview


The English version of Pravda has what appears to be a translation of an interview HH gave while in Russia. The piece is headlined ‘Harry Harrison Praises Russia and Calls USA a Fascist State.’ It goes on to say that ‘the author of the Stainless Steel Rat said that the USA is gradually becoming a totalitarian state. The author praised Russia for its unusual interest in literature and criticized Russian science fiction for its lack of dynamics and a low level of literary techniques.’

I’m not sure whether the HH quotes given were transcribed verbatim, or whether they have been translated into Russian and then back into English.

Some bloggers and blog commenters (is there a proper name for those people?) have already taken offence at HH’s comments. But many of them seem to have read only the headline of the piece or someone else’s report of it. And a few people seem to think Harry is now actually living in Russia, having ‘defected’ from the USA.  🙂

Read the full Pravda piece here. And some of the reactions here.

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