Movie News Update – Deathworld & West of Eden


Following Harry Harrison’s trip to Moscow this month, here is a brief update on the current status of the Deathworld movie adaptation, and news of a possible West of Eden film.

Contract negotioations are underway for Harry and Alex Cox to write the script for the Deathworld movie. Hopefully we’ll have more news on this one soon.

Meanwhile a Russian film production company called Paradise have taken out on option on West of Eden with the aim of turning it into a 3D animated film. Harry Harrison will co-script – I believe – with Paradise’s Chief of Production, Armen Adilkhanyan.

Paradise have a website (some of which is in English), including details of their current animated film project Cucaracha, which is described as a fairy story which tells of the relationship between a young boy called Nicky and some … er… cockroaches! šŸ™‚

Visitors to the Official Harry Harrison Website will know that a number of other Harry Harrison novels have been optioned: Rebel in Time, The Technicolor Time Machine, and The Stainless Steel Rat series. Also optioned areĀ several HH short stories including, I think, ‘The Streets of Ashkelon.’ Alex Cox has also taken out on option on Bill, the Galactic Hero.

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