Harry Harrison in Moscow


 Photo (c) Lena Adasheva 2008
Photo: Lena Adasheva

Lena Adasheva contacted us with details of her report and photographs of Harry’s recent book signing in Moscow. Hope Lena doesn’t mind me borrowing one of her images here…

The book Harry is signing in the image above is, I think, the Russian edition of the Stainless Steel Rat series – all of the novels in a single volume: it’s a big, heavy, lovely book… 🙂

The text of the report (in Russian) and the rest of Lena’s photographs can be found here:









4 Responses to “Harry Harrison in Moscow”

  1. Pat Galea Says:

    Cool… but why isn’t there an English collected SSR book?

    I would buy it!

  2. Anthony Says:

    Really? A single book that contains all of the Rat stories? Is that available here in the states?

  3. Paul Tomlinson Says:

    My guess is that we don’t have a single volume edition of the Rat stories because (a) nobody in the UK or US thought of the idea, and/or (b) probably because the novels were published by different publishers, so nobody has ever had the rights to them all to publish them in a single volume.

    I’m not sure if the Russian edition is available in the USA or Europe – there are a few specialist book stores (including online ones) that stock Russian language books, but I’ve never seen HH’s books listed.

  4. Pat Galea Says:

    Well, I’ll just have to whip out the glue, then! 🙂

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