Deathworld – The Movie!


Harry Harrison’s novel Deathworld has been optioned by a Russian movie production company. The company purchased the option towards the end of 2007, and negotiations then began on a contract which would allow Harrison to co-write the screenplay with Alex Cox. Cox will – if all goes to plan – also direct the movie. Negotiations were halted with the advent of the strike by the Writers’ Guild of America, but will hopefully resume soon. 

Alex Cox directed the cult classics Repo Man and Sid & Nancy, and film and television projects in England, Mexico, Japan and the USA. Cox has also appeared in front of the camera in films and documentaries, and as presenter of the BBC’s ‘Moviedrome’ series from 1987-1994. 

We’ll bring you more news on this as we get it…

6 Responses to “Deathworld – The Movie!”

  1. HawaiianBrian Says:

    Great news! Cox is not the first director I would’ve thought of for what is likely to be, after all, an action movie, but he is certainly an interesting choice. Casting should be interesting too…

  2. savo Says:

    But will Jason din Alt be speaking English? или мы будем иметь читать субтитры?

  3. Mark Vinsent (18+) (@markvinsent) Says:

    Will there be a movie?
    Будет ли создан фильм?

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