Who Harry Harrison Isn’t…


The UK’s The Guardian newspaper printed a cartoon by Hong Kong-based cartoonist Harry Harrison in their Saturday 16th February 2008 edition, along with the caption ‘Harry Harrison is a comics artist, writer and editor specialising in science fiction. His book Make Room! Make Room! was adapted for the cult film Soylent Green.’

They printed a correction here.

Examples of the cartoonist Harry Harrison’s political cartoons can be found on the Cagle Cartoons site.

Harry Harrison the science fiction writer also isn’t Harry Harrison the radio presenter. He’s also not the J.C. ‘Harry’ Harrison who worked on the Lord of the Rings movies and a whole heap of others. And he’s certainly not the Black Country comedian Harry Harrison who died in August 2007.

3 Responses to “Who Harry Harrison Isn’t…”

  1. Sandy Gray Says:

    Thank you for clearing that up:)

  2. Peter M.F. Wong Says:

    Well, Harry, u r amongst GREAT company…may u live forever!!!!

    Love u humour in your cartoons and wonderful illustrations…

    X-Hongkong Art Director/Graphic Designer

    Peter Wong

  3. Sandy Gray Says:

    Again, thank you for clearing that up!

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