PCW – Personal Computer World Magazine – 30 Years Old


The April 2008 edition of PCW marks the magazine’s 30th anniversary, and Harry Harrison gets a mention on the last page as a contributor to issue 2. Harry’s article, The Mystery of the Lost Computer was posted here in October.

Harry and I found copies of the first two issues of PCW when we were clearing out his garage last summer, and we donated copies to PCW for their archive, which PCW also acknowledge in their final page write-up.

4 Responses to “PCW – Personal Computer World Magazine – 30 Years Old”

  1. Kelvyn Taylor Says:

    And once again, many thanks to yourself and Harry. It did terrify me having to unstaple the issue to scan it though!

    Kelvyn Taylor
    Editor, PCW

  2. PCW – Personal Computer World – End of an Era « Official Harry Harrison News Blog Says:

    […] Computer World – End of an Era By Paul Tomlinson Back in February 2008 I mentioned that Personal Computer World magazine was celebrating its 30th anniversary, and that Harry Harrison had contributed an article […]

  3. Jeff Rollason Says:

    I am keen to follow-up any digital archive for PCW, in particular for December 1992. Where is this archive?

    • Paul Tomlinson Says:

      Hi Jeff – I’m not aware of any online archive. PCW did used to produce archives on CD-ROM. The earliest one I have is #17 covering Jan 1999 to Dec 2000, so it’s possible there was an earlier disc covering 1992. They seemed to restart the numbering at some point – Aug 2000 to July 2001 is ‘Issue 1’ of the ‘new revised edition.’ eBay might be your only chance for the discs or physical copies.

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