Harry Harrison – Award-winning Author


I received an e-mail recently asking me which awards Harry Harrison had won. This is one of these things I’ve been meaning to check out for ages, but never got round to. I know the obvious ones that are listed in most places, but there are a number of others which I know of, but don’t have full details of.

Listed below are the easy ones, plus a couple of major nominations. If anyone has details of any others, then please add comments. I’ll post updates as my research uncovers more…


1973 – Nebula Award – Best Dramatic Presentation – Soylent Green
1974 – Locus Poll – Best Original Anthology – Astounding: The John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology
1974 – Golden Scroll: Best Science Fiction Film, Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films (USA) – Soylent Green
1980 – Prix Jules Verne (Sweden) – Make Room! Make Room!
1997 – Premio Italia – Best International Fantasy Award – The Hammer and the Cross
2003 – Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame inductee
2004 – Ink Pot Award (Comic-Con International; given for lifetime achievement in comics and related areas)
2006 – European Grand Master
April 2009 – Damon Knight Grand Master (Science Fiction Writers of America)



1961 – Hugo nomination Best Novel – Deathworld
1962 – Hugo nomination Best Novel – Planet of the Damned
1971 – Nebula nominee Best Short Story – “By the Falls”
1974 – Hugo nomination Dramatic Presentation – Soylent Green
1996 – Sidewise Award for Alternate History long form nomination – The Stars & Stripes Trilogy

One Response to “Harry Harrison – Award-winning Author”

  1. Paul Tomlinson Says:

    I added one more award and one more nomination to the list – 11th April 2008

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