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Who Harry Harrison Isn’t…

26 February, 2008

The UK’s The Guardian newspaper printed a cartoon by Hong Kong-based cartoonist Harry Harrison in their Saturday 16th February 2008 edition, along with the caption ‘Harry Harrison is a comics artist, writer and editor specialising in science fiction. His book Make Room! Make Room! was adapted for the cult film Soylent Green.’

They printed a correction here.

Examples of the cartoonist Harry Harrison’s political cartoons can be found on the Cagle Cartoons site.

Harry Harrison the science fiction writer also isn’t Harry Harrison the radio presenter. He’s also not the J.C. ‘Harry’ Harrison who worked on the Lord of the Rings movies and a whole heap of others. And he’s certainly not the Black Country comedian Harry Harrison who died in August 2007.

Short Story Audio Readings

25 February, 2008

A couple of Harry Harrison short stories have been recorded by the folks at LibriVox – ‘The Repairman’ read by Anton, and ‘Toy Shop’ read by Cori Samuel are included in a collection titled Short Science Fiction Collection Vol. 001.

Librivox are also planning a reading of Harry Harrison’s Planet of the Damned – a number of chapters have been recorded by several different readers, and are being posted as they’re completed, which means the chapters are appearing out of sequence. Such readings are ambitious projects – and I can’t help thinking that with several readers, this is going to be a bit of a mish-mash when it’s completed, but we shall see.

All of the above claim to be recordings of ‘Public Domain’ works, so have been created without Harry Harrison’s permission. The ‘blurb’ Librivox is using for Planet of the Damned is taken from the HH website, also without permission. Tsk, tsk.

PCW – Personal Computer World Magazine – 30 Years Old

20 February, 2008

The April 2008 edition of PCW marks the magazine’s 30th anniversary, and Harry Harrison gets a mention on the last page as a contributor to issue 2. Harry’s article, The Mystery of the Lost Computer was posted here in October.

Harry and I found copies of the first two issues of PCW when we were clearing out his garage last summer, and we donated copies to PCW for their archive, which PCW also acknowledge in their final page write-up.

Staggering Stories

4 February, 2008

The guys at Staggering Stories – specifically Andy Simpkins, Adam J Purcell, Fake Keith and Tony Gallichan – discussed Harry Harrison during the course of their podcast #10. The show is a staggering 90-minute, 57Mb download, in which they also discuss tv shows they’d like to see revived, as well as a review of the Doctor Who DVD of Timelash, which has the reputation of being one of the worst stories broadcast.

20 minutes into the show there’s mention of the Stainless Steel Rat being a good candidate for a tv show; and 57 minuts in the discussion of HH’s books begins. It’s a fun, informal discussion, with Plague from Space and the War With the Robots collection being recommended, as well as the first two Stainless Steel Rat books, as ‘gateway’ books for those who haven’t read HH before.

Harry Harrison – Award-winning Author

1 February, 2008

I received an e-mail recently asking me which awards Harry Harrison had won. This is one of these things I’ve been meaning to check out for ages, but never got round to. I know the obvious ones that are listed in most places, but there are a number of others which I know of, but don’t have full details of.

Listed below are the easy ones, plus a couple of major nominations. If anyone has details of any others, then please add comments. I’ll post updates as my research uncovers more…


1973 – Nebula Award – Best Dramatic Presentation – Soylent Green
1974 – Locus Poll – Best Original Anthology – Astounding: The John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology
1974 – Golden Scroll: Best Science Fiction Film, Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films (USA) – Soylent Green
1980 – Prix Jules Verne (Sweden) – Make Room! Make Room!
1997 – Premio Italia – Best International Fantasy Award – The Hammer and the Cross
2003 – Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame inductee
2004 – Ink Pot Award (Comic-Con International; given for lifetime achievement in comics and related areas)
2006 – European Grand Master
April 2009 – Damon Knight Grand Master (Science Fiction Writers of America)



1961 – Hugo nomination Best Novel – Deathworld
1962 – Hugo nomination Best Novel – Planet of the Damned
1971 – Nebula nominee Best Short Story – “By the Falls”
1974 – Hugo nomination Dramatic Presentation – Soylent Green
1996 – Sidewise Award for Alternate History long form nomination – The Stars & Stripes Trilogy

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