The Velvet Glove



Harry Harrison’s short story ‘The Velvet Glove’ is read on (in?) the 22nd edition of The Time Traveller Show. The reading is by Michael Bekemeyer. It begins about four minutes into the show and lasts just under forty-two minutes. When I listened to it there was a short gap about thirty-five minutes in, corresponding to a paragraph missing from the reading.

I’m not sure whether ‘the Time Traveller’ asked Harry’s permission to use the story, so this may have to be filed in the ‘unofficial adaptations’ category.

‘The Velvet Glove’ originally appeared in the November 1956 issue of Fantastic Universe magazine, and was contained in HH’s collections The War with the Robots and – more recently – 50 in 50.

If anyone else ever wants to ask permission to use a Harry Harrison story for any kind of reading or adaptation, they can get a quick response by sending a message via the ‘Contact Us’ link on Harry’s official website at

One Response to “The Velvet Glove”

  1. The Time Traveler Says:

    I wanted to let people know that I did email the site about adapting this. I asked that the email be forwarded to Harry if possible. I wanted to let him know I was doing this and I proposed an interview too. I never did hear back. BTW the story is in Public Domain.

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