What Do You Miss About 2007?


Happy New Year! Normal service – whatever that is – resumes here.

Here are a few items I missed in 2007…

Published 1st October 2007 was a collection of short stories by Bruce McAllister called The Girl Who Loved Animals: And Other Stories. Published by Golden Gryphon Press, the collection has an introduction by Harry Harrison.

“Among top short story talents in the field, McAllister is a leader. Polished, moving, thought-provoking—this collection is without parallel.”  – Harry Harrison

Potrzebie, alias Bhob Stewart, posted a piece on Wally Wood on his blog on 20th October 2007. The piece, EC Comics: From Here to Nudity, talks about putting together his book Against the Grain, and specifcally about the discovery of an alternate panel by Wally Wood for the story “The Children” in EC’s Weird Science-Fantasy #23 (March 1954). Stewart quotes Harry Harrison (from the Graphic Story magazine interview), who tells how joke panels or additions to drawings were often created by artists.

Melodican, alias Stephen H. Segal, has designed the cover for the paperback edition of Harry Harrison’s Planet of the Damned, to be published by Cosmos Books in ‘early 2008.’  Segal also provided to cover for the hardcover edition from Wildside Press, which was published in September 2007. Here’s the hardcover version:



Down with Gender, a band of Kraftwerk-influenced musicians and robot-builders, announced in their 4th September 2007 Myspace blog entry that they were back in the studio, recording a new album, and that one of the tracks is called “Rotten Day – Based on Harry Harrison’s West of Eden, it’s a Tom Waits influenced spookster.” You can hear other examples of their music on their Myspace page.


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