Bruce McAllister’s Short Story ‘Kin’


Bruce McAllister is a long-time friend of Harry Harrison, and the two worked together in various capacities on a number of anthologies, most notably There Won’t Be War. McAllister’s short story ‘Kin’ was nominated for the Hugo award this year, and Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine have made the story available to read onlne.

Bruce McAllister’s Short Story ‘Kin’

The story, on the theme of overpopulation, is dedicated to Harry Harrison.

3 Responses to “Bruce McAllister’s Short Story ‘Kin’”

  1. Tinkoo Says:

    “concerns overpopulation”???

  2. Tinkoo Says:

    Oops – sorry – yes – I now recall overpopulation is in the background of the plot. Sorry for previous comment.

  3. Paul Tomlinson Says:

    Absolutely! Overpopulation is very concerned by this story… 🙂

    I’ve fixed this in the text of the post.

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