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Harry Harrison Bibliography – Research Update November 2007

30 November, 2007

I spent four days with Harry Harrison this week, and was able to gather some information from his files which will enable me to make some significant additions to my bibliography of his works. Hopefully I’ll be able to put out a completely new edition in summer of 2008.

I have tear sheets (literally pages torn from the original comics) from Harry’s collection, going right back to the summer of 1949, and including most of the work he did in collaboration with Wally Wood. So far I’ve identified about 100 of these and have 20 or so left where I haven’t figured out which comic the story came from. Harry and I went through each of the pieces, and I have notes on which stories he inked, pencilled, or wrote.


Harry Harrison – Fan Artwork 1941

30 November, 2007


Here’s a little something Harry and I discovered in his files this week – a fanzine called Sun Spots, published in May-June 1941, which contains a piece of artwork called ‘Robot’ by a 16-year-old Harry Harrison.


The Ever-Branching Tree – Podcast

22 November, 2007

Here’s a semi-dramatised reading of Harry Harrison’s short story ‘The Ever-Branching Tree,’ read by Michael Hanson, with additional character voices. It was originally broadcast as part of the Mindwebs strand on WHA Radio, which I belive was connected to the University of Wisconsin Extension program. I’m not sure of the date of this, but I think the file name indicates it was broadcast in November 1976.

The reading runs for about half an hour.

 The Ever-Branching Tree

Eurocon 2007 – Jun Miyazaki Interview

21 November, 2007

Jun Miyazaki conducted an interview with Harry Harrison at the 2007 Eurocon in Copenhagen, and has posted the video on his blog here:

Jun Miyazaki Interview

Make Room! Make Room! – New Edition

21 November, 2007

The new Tor edition of Make Room! Make Room! is scheduled for publication 4/1/2008, which I assume is 1st April next year – the fact that in the US they use month then day, the opposite of the UK always confuses me… Price is $14.95 and the book is a trade paperback.

And the cover they chose appears to be the one I posted about here.

Details on the Tor website here:

Harry Harrison to be Guest of Honour at Moscow Eurocon, May 2008

14 November, 2007

Harry Harrison has been asked to be Guest of Honour at Eurocon 2008, to be held in Moscow, Russia,  the weekend of 17th and 18th May. This convention is also, I believe, Roscon 2008 and Interpresscon 2008.

The convention website addresses are:


As I write this, both sites are unavailable – maybe they’re updating their GoH details!

Harry Harrison Comic from Dabel Brothers?

12 November, 2007

Way back in April 2004, news came out that the comics company run by the Dabel Brothers was to publish a comic book based on a Harry Harrison story.

George R.R. Martin reported the fact on his website, indicating that the comic would be based on “an original story penned by Harry Harrison.”

The Dabel Brothers had at that time already successfully adapted Martin’s  The Hedge Knight and works by other SF writers. Since then, their publishing company has become part of Marvel comics, and rumours have continued that the Harry Harrison project is still in the works, but there has been no firm news one way or the other.

The Dabel Brothers website is currently down for a revamp, though the forums are still open. Latest news is that they are to adapt Dean R. Koontz’s Frankenstein series. A search of the forums reveals no mention of the Harry Harrison project.

More news on this in the near future, hopefully.

Bruce McAllister’s Short Story ‘Kin’

12 November, 2007

Bruce McAllister is a long-time friend of Harry Harrison, and the two worked together in various capacities on a number of anthologies, most notably There Won’t Be War. McAllister’s short story ‘Kin’ was nominated for the Hugo award this year, and Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine have made the story available to read onlne.

Bruce McAllister’s Short Story ‘Kin’

The story, on the theme of overpopulation, is dedicated to Harry Harrison.

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9 November, 2007

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The Stainless Steel Rat – Review

8 November, 2007

Having first read The Stainless Steel Rat when I was ten or eleven, it’s interesting to see a review from someone discovering it for the first time. Chris Howard reviewed the book on his Stuff as Dreams are Made On… blog back in August 2007, giving it a thumbs up, and this generated a number of other positive comments.

It’s great to see people discovering James Bolivar diGriz for the first time. August 2007 coincidentally marked the Stainless Steel Rat’s 50th anniversary in print – the first story appeared in Astounding in August 1957.

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