The Curse of the Unborn Living Dead


This short short story is a ‘Drabble’.  I was going to explain what a Drabble is, but having looked at the Wikipedia entry, it seems to be more complicated than I thought it was. This story – exlcuding the title – is exactly 100 words long. Rather than changing the name of this post to ‘The Trouble with Drabbles’ or ‘May All Your Drabbles Be Little Ones,’ I’ll just post the story…

The Curse of the Unborn Living Dead

by Harry Harrison (1988) 


Of course a grenade in the teeth works wonders, as does a laser blast to the gut. The creature’s gut. It died before it could fire, as did the next eighteen of the Vommers. God, they’re disgusting…

More coming. And dying. And their filthy allies, the Scummers, dying in waves of pulpy green flesh. Exploding flesh, air filled with flying tentacles, screams of the dying, teeth-gnashing of the living, smell nauseating. More coming. Ha-ha! Trying to trap me… or are they? Too many, overwhelmed, dropping ichor, oh, sob, is this the end…

I wish to hell I could wake up.  

© Harry Harrison, 1988

Originally published in The Drabble Project (Beccon Publications 1988, edited by Rob Meades & David B. Wake)

On a similar (short) note, HH wrote a SIX WORD(!) short story for a feature in Wired magazine:

Harry Harrison (November 2006)

 A whole bunch of other famous writers, directors, etc. also wrote short short shorts for the article, which is available online here:

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