Dinosaur Joke


Here’s a joke Harry has told once or twice on convention panels where he’s been discussing West of Eden. In an attempt to shift the blame, he attributes the joke to David Attenborough…

A very-rich Texan develops an interest in dinosaurs. He visits an exhibition at a museum and for the first time sees dinosaur footprints in stone. They are impressive. The very prints made by Tyrannosaurus Rex over 100,000 million years ago. He is determined to have them – but of course the museum will not sell. Undaunted, and still very rich, he sends his agents circling the world for a set of prints. They locate some, at an incredible price, and he buys them.

They are delivered to his mansion in Dallas and he supervises their installation in his garden. Wonderful! He is so carried away that he invites his next door neighbor over to see them. The man gasps and boggles his eyes.

‘Gee!’ he says. ‘I didn’t know they came this close to the house!’


This version taken from an Ansible convention report by HH. If you’ve never read David Langford’s SF newsletter, it comes highly recommended:

Ansible. Filled with wild rumour, suspect speculation, gross exaggeration, dirt and innuendo … unputdownable.”  – Harry Harrison.

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