Predicting the Future 2


I’ve been looking through some of Harry’s older non-fiction writings, and came across a piece on Computers and Science Fiction written for the Grande Enciclopedia della Fantascienza in 1980, in which Harry made a number of predictions:

Every residence that has a telephone and a TV set today will have a home computer.

For a very reasonable sum (no more then Lit. 10,000) you will be able to buy a library to fit into this computer. The library will be on a wafer about the size of a poker chip. 

A few years later, for the same sum, you will be able to obtain a university. That is the entire university complete with instructors so you can study any subject at home. For a total of Lit. 10,000.

With a Lit. 100,000 dish antenna on the roof our television set will pick up TV programs broadcast from satellites. There will be one hundred to two hundred channels available. The information barriers of the world will drop; censorship will end and we will be forced to recognize the oneness of mankind.

I’m not sure what the exchange rate for Italian Lira was in those days, but the predictions make interesting reading 27 years later…

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