And the winner is…


On the 18th September I posted a query regarding the cover artist for the 1970 New English Library edition of The Technicolor Time Machine, and also mentioned it on the Yahoo Group when I announced the creation of the HH News Blog.

Arthur Lortie e-mailed me to say the artist was Bruce Pennington. I wasn’t sure – Pennington is one of my favourite artists, and the TTM cover wasn’t in his usual style, so I wanted to get some formal verification. I e-mailed Nigel Suckling, who wrote the text for the Bruce Pennington book Ultraterraneum, and received the following reply:

Dear Paul, 

Yes indeed, that is a Bruce Pennington cover. I just rang him to check and he remembers it well. You’re right though, it’s not quite his usual style. 

Best wishes,   Nigel   

Thanks to Nigel for checking this out for us, and thanks to Arthur, who I shall never doubt again… J

You can check out Nigel Suckling’s website at:

 As far as I can tell, Bruce Pennington doesn’t have an official website, though there are many places on the web which have his artwork on display.  

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