Harry Harrison – Mystery Artwork



One of the many things Harry Harison and I uncovered recently was a folder of his original artwork, some dating back to the late 1940s and early 1950s. Among the illustrations were various recognisable bits – from Worlds Beyond and Marvel Stories magazines – and also the illustration shown here. I’ve never seen it before, and Harry couldn’t remember where the picture might have been published.

Does anyone out there have any idea where it might have appeared? Does anyone recognise the figure on the horse? Why is he naked, and why is he sitting on a cactus? It looks like it could be some sort of comment on the joys of being a freelance writer…

I hope everyone can see the detail in this picture, as there are some nice touches. Look at the noose, and the ‘six shooter’. Unfortunately the scan doesn’t do the artwork justice – the original is a lovely, clean illustration – so apologies to Harry for that.

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