Welcome to a new location for the latest information about the activities and publications of science fiction writer Harry Harrison.

Mike and I maintain Harry’s official website at www.harryharrison.com, and Mike also set-up the Harry Harrison group on Yahoo, but we’ll be using this blog for the latest news items from now on.

Harry will be contributing too – expect to see extracts from his e-mails or posts from him here on a semi-regular basis.

Comments posted here will be moderated, and we’ll pass on comments and queries to Harry. Anything we deem to be offensive or insulting will be deleted – yes, I know this is censorship, but this is an official blog aimed at fans of all ages, so we have to behave accordingly. That doesn’t mean we won’t accept constructive criticism about what we post here or on the website, or critical comments about Harry’s stories, but please note the word ‘constructive.’

If you have any news about Harry or his work – especially if you’re outside the UK and North America – please share it here, and please do comment on the posts so that we know there’s someone out there reading this…

6 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Michael Barnard Says:

    Although at school in the period of the mentioned however as English born the paranoi wasnt therethat came with the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1963. I haing read S/F since I found Triplanetray by E E Smith, cant agree with the good book reading book isea. In this day and age Any reading is good. Have alos overall enjoyed HH since finding him

  2. Jeff Beaty Says:

    Excellent! I just joined the yahoo news group a few days ago, wishing Harry had a blog with RSS feeds and such… And the first message I get on the news group was the Blog announcement. And you’re even using WordPress, the software I recommend to my own clients.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I added a link to your blog on the Wikipedia entry for Harry Harrison at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Harrison#External_links

  3. HawaiianBrian Says:

    Hi — In 1967 a US navy nurse, Lieutenant Susan Schnall, was court-martialed for dropping antiwar leaflets from a plane on navy installations. There are similarities between this incident and Harry’s short story ‘The Defensive Bomber’ (1973). I wonder if there is any connection?

  4. Paul Tomlinson Says:

    Hi Brian –

    I’ve passed your query on to Harry Harrison – though I don’t expect a reply for a while as he’s travelling at the moment: the USA for the Speculating on the South Convention, then a holiday somewhere warm… 🙂

    – Paul

  5. hawaiian brian Says:

    Thanks Paul. I wish I was somewhere warm right now!

  6. Paul Tomlinson Says:

    Hahaha, you and me both. First real frost of the winter here in Nottingham today.

    Had a brief reply from HH re your question: “No connection – but fiction can be stranger than truth.”

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